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In summary...
My last several days in brief:

 - rediscovered my love of Hikaru no Go. Oh, the subtext.  :D:D:D:D:D
 - wrote a few shounen-ai Akira/Hikaru (or Hikaru/Akira, whatever; it's the same pairing) drabbles for Hikago; they will appear at inkntendinitis shortly, I imagine
 - wrote my English 250: Survey of 20th Century Literature exam; did well, I think
 - knitted.  A lot.
 - discovered I must wrap the liquor boxes I got for shipping people's Christmas gifts in brown paper because they're liquor boxes
 - got brown paper for free today from where I used to work, because I asked Lloyd (my former boss) where they had put it out this year, and he said to just go downstairs and ask Hamish for some.  Then he called Hamish to make sure he'd be down there.  XD  <3 Lloyd; he's a dear.  ^^
 - watched Vampire Hunter D (the 1985 movie); it's awesome, a classic of the genre, like Vampire Princess Miyu or Blood: the Last Vampire.  Must now read novels and watch Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.
 - made hamburger-less Hamburger Helper with TVP as an experiment; experiment was successful
 - didn't study enough for my Soc 100 exam tomorrow, but I'll be fine
 - discovered I really, really like BUMP OF CHICKEN.
 - actually had to wear my scarf and winter coat, instead of just a quilted vest over a sweater
 - handed in Creative Writing portfolio for the semester; let's hope it goes over well
 - found a torrent of an English fansub of Bright Girl's Success Story, a Korean drama I've really wanted to see for a while; said torrent is nearly eleven gigs, so I must burn/purge first
 - finalised my BRILLIANT PLAN for living arrangements next year; details will follow at some point
 - slept, though maybe not quite as much as I should have, it was enough
 - ate lots of Maple Mini Wheats and giant wheat Goldfish crackers.
 - didn't eat enough of what's probably considered "real food", but oh well.  XD
 - was told by Meaghan at twenty to four the other morning that I was up past my bedtime; countered with the fact that I'm older than her, which she said didn't matter.  XD

That's all, really.

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You've been so active. Ever since school ended, I have little to do.

Haha, well, that's your prerogative. ^^ I'd go out of my mind if I didn't do something, even if it's only something like knitting and watching TV. XD

Now I'm - shock, gasp - off to breakfast!

I don't even like eating breakfast, why am I doing this to myself again...? ...Oh, yeah, for the company. XD *is going with friends*

I need to take up a hobby. I think I'm going to get into puppetry.

Oh my, I love breakfast.

Ooooooh, that'd be COOL. :D:D

Haha, well, I should, but I don't really like to eat in the morning. It usually makes me nauseous. :/

I has little request. I can has your address pls? ^.^

Of course, inspired by Kankuro.


Caitlin! What is this about? XD.

Oh, of course!! XD

Yeah - I can only eat when I'm hungry or else I feel blah, and I'm not usually hungry in the morning, sooo... yeah. ^^;;

Wellllll... it's December. <_< If I had been smart enough to copy your return address off the package you sent me last year I wouldn't have to ask but... I wasn't. Dur me. XD

As well as few other puppeteers from Being John Malkovich, which is a wonderful film, and the Puppet Master films.

So how'd you make out today?

What does December mean?

Haha, awesomesauce.

Not bad - I woke up early enough that by the time I got to breakfast I could actually eat a bit. XDD I had some scrambled eggs and a few rashers of... less-than-stellar bacon. XDD Oh, meal hall.

December = Yule, Christmas, etc. ^.^

How was the scrambled eggs?

What does this have to do with my address? XD (I'm intentionally playing dumb. lol)

Meh, they were okay. Not great, not terrible. I'd be scared if Moe's could TRULY mess up scrambled eggs.

I has something for you~! :P:P:P:P:P XDDDD

lol. Scrambled are about one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

Okay, I'll e-mail it to you, if I can get you something too.

I like cheese omelettes. :D With lots of cheese. ^^

Haha, okay. You don't have to, but if you want to, go ahead. ^_^

Has to be specific type of cheese.

Yay. I will send it now.

I like strong cheddar. Or Swiss. Mmmm, Swiss.... there's a place in Halifax that makes delicious Swiss cheese omelettes. I think I have to go there while I'm in the city at New Year's. XD

Got it~! Woot~!

Haha, well, I can only get them from this particular place because I can't make omelettes. If you can cook omelettes, you could always try making one yourself. ^^

Really? I need to teach you how to make some one day.



Borrow them from me if you MUST read them, but truth be told, THEY SUCK. Kikuchi draws on an oral storytelling style, and he's exaggerates SO FUCKING MUCH (seriously, it's like reading an anime in text... SO not the cool) it's just really shitty storytelling. The plot is good and complicated, although perhaps a little TOO much, but the themes are racist, sexist, supremicist, and just - UGH!


But I guess they're okay.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, that's depressing. I'd thought that the novels would be good because the anime was good. Boooooo~~~! XD

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