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(no subject)
Just finished watching/reading Hikaru no Go (the manga goes further than the anime) again.

*spastic fangirling flail*

It was, like, ten times better than I remembered - I love this series so much!  Hikaru and Akira have such a fantastic dynamic - by the end of the series they fight like an old married couple but without the old or married unfortunately but their relationship has so many layers!  *fangirls them*  Yashiro is all "OMG, they fight like mad, are they actually friends?" and they have big screaming matches at the go salon and Hikaru storms out but Akira gets all pissy when someone says anything bad about Hikaru even though they just had a huge  screaming bitchfest.  XDDDD  *loves on them so hardcore*  Also, they are really hot together, with the fighting and the best-friends-but-we-still-want-to-beat-each-other's-heads-in-sometimes and yeah.  Also also, this LJ entry by bookshop says pretty much everything I want to say about the ending of the series and why I love the Hikaru/Akira pairing.

...Now I'm going to be mentally writing fic the whole time I'm getting my hair cut.  Poor Marilyn, I'll be no good for conversation at all, I'll be too distracted, haha.  XDD

Okay, now I need to put real clothes on (instead of pyjamas) so that I won't freeze when walking up to Marilyn's to get my hair cut.  It's only -10 C after wind chill (+14 F), but flannel pants and a tank top (especially the tank top) aren't exactly appropriate winter wear, even under my coat.  XDD

More also: I just realised that I have no Hikago icons.  I MUST REMEDY THIS SITUATION~!  ...But later.  ^^;;

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Do you know how to play Go?

Yes, but I suck liek woah, and am really bad at counting territory. XDDD

How much practice do you get in?

Pretty much none - I have no one to learn from or play with. If my university had a go club/society I would join, but we don't. :(

Would you want a Go board for Christmas?

I actually have one, haha, or else I would say yes! Sorry. XD

Aww, man. That means, more thinking.

And over Christmass break, too, aha. XD

But no pressure or anything. ^^ Really~! I don't give gifts to get stuff back, so nothing to worry about. ^^

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