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*feels loved*
So I just received a FF.net private message from someone I don't know if I have ever communicated with (the username isn't familiar, but they may have changed it, or I may know them under a different username, I don't know).

Now, I was a little wary at first because, well, last time I got a PM from someone I hadn't initiated contact with it was... much less than polite.  So I admit I opened it in my e-mail with a little bit of trepidation...

...which was entirely unnecessary.  OMG.  I've never received a PM/e-mail from someone I didn't already know like this before, not as long as I can remember.  Holy crap.  This person really likes my writing.  I seriously have no words for how happy this made me - I mean, I have friends tell me that they like something I wrote, and it makes me happy, but this person I don't think I even know took all this time to write me this big PM!

Check it out (name removed for privacy):

Hello there.

Thought I should just let you know - I've been a fan of your friendship, gen fanworks since...since the skies know when, a very, very long time ago. Your fics have always been one of those rare gems be it in the Naruto or Kingdom Hearts fandom because they've always centered on the intricate relationships and ties between characters, exploring carefully the dynamics and the could-have-beens and filling in the holes of which the canonverse probably missed on covering. I can go on and on and rant about why I've been a fan of your works since...since I shipped all those gen, friendship pairings andcharacters you write about (thinks Gaara, thinks Sora and Riku, thinks sandsibs), but that'd be asking too much in this brief message that I'm doing my best not to annoy you with too much lengthy words. GAH. I'm not good with personal messages and words, so I'm sorry if this comes across as awkward.

Returning to  after a very long hiatus, and chancing upon your profile again and stumbling across old fics you've written..well, those moments were sure as hell nostalgic, and reminded me again the times where I practically worshipped your writings and would read and read your fics over and over again. I  still DO love your writings, your fics, and even though you seem to be less active around [fanfiction.net] these days, I'll still put you on author alert just in case you post on of those awesome fanworks that always ALWAYS tickle my fancies and fits into my facets of moods anytime, anyplace.

Sorry for the ficcator-fan rant, or if I sound anything bordering close to a stalker. But hopefully you get the message in a nutshell: I'd really look forward to anything you'll write again. So...WRITE ON! ^_^

*squees and flails*

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DUDE! What a lovely message! :D

Askdhlashflfksd! I know! I seriously have no idea what I can say other than that this person, like, made my week, for sure.

That's so sweet~

I know!! I sent her (I think?) a PM back just a little while ago.

...that was awesome! And so very cute~ Yay for praise!


Incredibly nice and rightly justified... have you not posted any of your Naruto-Hockey novel up there?

lol. Sounds like something I'd do.

Haha, yeah, I'm back. Mostly, anyways. XDD

Actually, no, because I have to make some alterations to the chapters (copyrighted material like song lyrics are not permitted in FFnet stories) before I do, and I haven't got around to it yet. XD

Haha, it does. :D

I haven't sent your present yet, but I have it... ^^;;

Edited at 2008-01-11 12:13 am (UTC)

Yes, finally.

Ahhh... so what are you going to do about those parts?

Oh my god, that's more progress than me. I've yet to decide what to get you. I just don't have a clue what you'd like.

Haha, sorry. ;P

I'm going to have to cut the lyrics entirely, and rework some of the narration to say what's going on a little more clearly in the bits where I actually wanted it to sort of mean something/be entertaining (like the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene...).

Honestly, I'm pretty easy to please, I swear. No worrying! ^^ For example, beautydreaming gave me a noodle bowl this year, guitarpulsation gave me soap, I got a book about the evolution of the joke from my brother, a candleholder and cute little notebook from my roommate, some of the kids I babysat last summer gave me the newest Redwall book ("Eulalia", score :D), and Meagan found me a Kakashi plushie (he'll go on the shelf with my Gaara instead of in the closet with my too-big-for-the-shelf Naruto plushie). Fandom stuff of any kind for any series you've seen me talk about is a dead safe bet, and I'm a total book person, haha.

Are you going to post the finished revisions?

Okay, I think I might have something in mind. I just want to get you something nice.

*heart swells with love and hope at the world*

OMG, I know what you mean!

I learned something today...

I didn't know fan girls could have fan girls/boys.

Congratulation :)<-Happy Smile.

I'm going to go back and be happily oblivious now.


Re: I learned something today...

I'd heard about it happening with authors of really popular fics (like, they have hundreds of reviews and stuff), but I'd never had it happen to me. XD

Thanks. :D



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