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This?  Disgusts me thoroughly.

This?  Makes me laugh my ass off at the stupidity and self-importance.  English as the original language of the Bible?  The King James Version as the original version?   Please don't make me beat my brains in with a rock.  The Old Testament is from the Tanakh which was, if I'm remembering my Comparative Religions class from SMU properly, was originally written in old Hebrew or something and the New Testament was originally (mostly) written in Greek.

These are the kinds of people that give nice, sane Christians (like a number of my friends and family) a bad name.

On a happier note, I had a hilarious webcomic recced to me the other day: Vampirates.  A comic about Canadian vampire pirates.  They steal the ferry that runs between North Sydney (NS) and Port-aux-Basques (NFLD) to sail it up the Saint-Laurent to Thunder Bay (ONT) on their way to Saskatchewan on a quest of vengeance.  It's fabulous.

Hassan: Why are you treating me like a villain?
Murphy: Because you suckerpunched the bus driver?

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Yeah, I'm sorry for showing you that link. I really thought it was going to be "lol fundies", but not so much. ::feels queasy::

That language one though. ::snerk::

Canadian vampire pirates? I am so checking that out.

Hey, it's okay, no blame on you. <3

Yes, the language ones insisting the Bible was written in English first and that the older Hebrew/Greek versions are fakes are... special. So is the one quote there that says "Jesus is not a Jew. Jesus was Jewish". That's a special kind of stupid right there.

Oh yeah, it's great. :D

Omg, I am like four pages in and I'm already loving it. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HELP MY PRODUCTIVITY, DAMN YOU!!


(::goes to


Omigawd, I'm terrified! Oh, Authentic English Bible, I repent for all my sins (that is, that I exist, apparently) so please save me!

*tries not to die laughing*

Ugh... The first does the same for me. I was especially angry about the entry about his son's coming out.

I didn't even bother with the other ones after those claims.

Yeah, that one got to me, too. For obvious reasons.

I still think the "Jesus is not a Jew. Jesus was Jewish" is hilariously stupid. (Though you didn't get that far because it was way down.)

God... I just hate how ignorant and intolerant all of them can be.

It's especially pertinent to me now because yesterday, I encountered protesters at the concert.


Oh, let me guess... Manson is the son of Satan or his incarnation on Earth and trying to send their children to hell and to corrupt the minds of the easily influenced or some such drivel?

My favourites were all the TECHNOLOGY IS NOT SCIENCE (or-if-it-is-it's-not-the-evil-kind).

Seriously, just no. That's not even just a LITTLE hypocritical.

I lol'd.

Then I was sad, for it was funny because they were real.

Ignoring the fanatical, can I say how much I love you for pointing me towards a webcomic that references far too many Irish/Canadian drinking songs and had me up until 2 AM to read it all? That said, Murphy = awesome.

Seconding the moodtheme, btw. ^_~

Haha, you're welcome.

Okay, okay. I'm working on it. :P I have to get all the pages saved first, and it;s a two step process. (Can't just right-click save, nope. :/)

*hugs* Don't stress out over it! ^^

...still, *glee.*

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