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Yes, I know I'm lazy

In fact, I am so lazy that I'm not even going to do an Anime North-specific entry, since beautydreaming already did one. If you want to read it, it is located here.  I am truly that lazy.

In other news, I was in Halifax Saturday and Sunday, for Canada Day, Dad's birthday, to see family, and for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.  Yes, it's "Royal" now.  For those of you who don't know, the Tattoo is the largest, annual indoor show in the world and it is absolutely amazing.  Anyone who gets a chance to go, should go.  The Tattoo = ZOMGWOW!  I love it; we've been going as a family for something like twelve years.  This year had the first-ever act by a group from the Middle East - The Royal Air Force of Oman Band, Pipes, and Dancers.  They were really good, I liked them.

The Estonians were there, as they frequently are, and were amazing.  One act was "Music of the Night" sung by two of the Canadian performers, though I can't remember which ones, and one of the Estonian girls did this amazing dance-thing while hanging on a rope that went to the floor.  She was about thirty five feet up the rope and had one loop to secure her hand or foot with, while one of the Estonian guys stood on the floor and spun the rope around really fast, almost like a vertical jump rope.  It was amazing and terrifying all at once.

The Germans had their Gym Wheel team there, and there were really good, too.  For some reason I don't quite understand I love gym wheels.  STV Wettingen was there from Switzerland as well, and they did some really impressive, high-energy gymnastic stuff.  All in all, it was a fantastic show (as usual), even though I didn't win the fifty-fifty draw.  Not that I expected to, but it would have been nice.  The take-home was $3511.00, the highest-ever single show kitty.

Saw my grandma and my cousin Jacob this weekend; he's down for a visit from Ontario, and quiet as always.  It's almost unnerving how quiet that boy is, although he seems to be thoroughly amused by me when I'm laughing so hard I'm nearly choking on chocolate cake.  (Hey, not my fault!  My brother made a hilarious joke after I took the bite!)

Steve (our exchange student from Hong Kong) leaves on Tuesday on an eight AM flight back home, so he has to be at the airport at, like, five AM.  Blah.  I'm probably going to end up going with, Mum driving there (since I'm not allowed yet), and I can drive back.  What is it with his dad booking ridiculously-early-morning flights?  Boooooo.

But know what's kind of terrifying?  He graduated with better marks all-around than my brother, and English isn't his first language, being, young know, from Hong Kong and all.  Tim, my stupid shit of a brother, got a fucking EIGHTEEN in Physics 12.  I could have done better than that, and I'm terrible with Maths.  He also got a 41 in Pre-Cal, which I couldn't have got, but he should have made higher.  He's definitely smart enough to, when he isn't being a moron.  He could have had every mark over eight or eighty-five, but instead he just slacked off like a stupid fuck.

alanahikarichan and I have posted our first complete Inkspot over at 20_inkspots; If you want to take a look it can be found here.  Slow internet-folks be warned, however, the image is rather large.  I am incredibly pleased with the pic;  it is oh-so-cute and exactly what I was picturing in my head, though I agree with Alana when she says that the shading on Temari's cheeks is wonky.  The hair is many different kind of love, though.

And OMG! I'm going to do a meme that I stole from fantasyecho!

1. What is your favorite sexual position?
Unfortunately, this is not applicable.

2. Have you ever been unfaithful in a relationship?
Not unless you count one of my guy friends trying to pants me at church camp and failing.

3. Do you own a gun?
No, and I doubt I ever will.

4. If you had a mental disorder, what would it be?
OCD.  Definitely OCD, as anyone in my life can tell you.

5. Favorite condiment?
Um, my aunt's homemade barbeque sauce kicks several different kinds of ass.

6. What do you like on a hot dog?
Cheese, the aforementioned homemade BBQ sauce; if not BBQ sauce available, then cheese and ketchup, and maybe a tiny bit of mustard.

7. What's your favorite Christmas song?
Carol of the Bells and another one that I can't remember....

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
I have chocolate milk every work-morning, and whatever else on mornings when I don't need to wake up/have something that vaguely resembles real food in my stomach.

9. Do you do push-ups?
Not as often as I should, but yes.

10. Have you ever done ecstasy?
Never; I like my braincells where they belong - in my brain.

11. Favorite sushi?
I am shamed, for I have never had real sushi.  The last time I had a chance, I turned it down because I wasn't sure if I trusted Duncan's cooking.

12. Do you like the rain?
Mostly, but not if it's yucky, yucky, cold, winter rain that I have to walk through.  Cold summer rain is fine, as is warm and cool.

13. Do you own a knife?
Not at all. I totally don't own a Swiss Army knife and several varieites of X-acto knives.  And I'm totally not trying to procure good throwing knives. No way.

14. What do you smell like?
My shirt smells like wood smoke.  *sniffsniff, happy sigh*  Ahhh, the fond memories....

15. Do you have A.D.D.?
No, but I tend to act like I do.  Oooooo, shiny! *wanders off*

16. What animal scares you most?
My Uncle Leo's dogs.  They are terrifying and vicious, which is why you never get out of the car at his place until he comes out of the house.  Ever.  You may end up mauled.

17. Name three thoughts at this exact moment.
- Ow, my eye hurts.
- I wonder why Kelsey never came online?
- *singing along with music*  I love this song!

18. Name the last three things you have bought.
- A chocolate bar for the Child Abuse Foundation
- The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana, by Rachel Pollock
- Shonen Jump, August 2006 issue.

19. Name five drinks you regularly drink?
- Chocolate milk
- Apple juice
- Water
- Random frozen juices; whatever one is made
- Uh... chocolate milk?

20. What time did you wake up today?
Er, first it was four-something-AM, then seven something, then for good around eight thirty AM.

21. Have you ever questioned your sexual orientation?
Yup; I thought I was straight but then I discovered I am rather attracted to girls as well, so bi.

22. Current worry?
My grandfather's wife (my step-grandma), since she has, you know, cancer.

23. Current hate?
Stupidity and ignorance (my eternal hates)

24. Favorite place to be?
Online, or outside somewhere where I can't hear the cars or see any houses or streetlights (thankfully, there are quite a few places nearby where this can be accomplished).

25. Least favorite place to be?
I have to agree with fantasyecho and say near my mother when she's in a bad mood.

27. Do you own slippers?
Nope, don't wear slippers. Toe room is a necessity!

28. Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs?
Hopefully teaching ESL somewhere other than Canada, or teaching here.

29. Do you burn or tan?
Tan, except for about four small areas of my body where I burn, such as my cheeks and the area around my clavicle.

30. Sex or chocolate?
Chocolate, probably.  Depends on who was offering.

31. Would you give up your current life to be a pirate?
Only if I could come back after pretending for a while.

32. Fire or ice?
"Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice..." I say both.

33. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Whatever is in my head at the moment.

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Either the knot in the wood panelling right across from my doorway (I had no door, so I could see it) because it looks like a grotesque, tortured face, or I was afraid the house would burn down. (Odd, because I now enjoy playing with fire and intend to teach myself fire poi, since I can't ask cephiedvariable to teach me, living away from her and all.)

35. Whats in your pockets right now?
Nada, I'm wearing my pyjama pants.  If I did have stuff in my pockets, it would be wallet, cell, and keys.

36. Last thing/person that made you laugh?
My brother, while talking about deflated babies. (Long story involving a medical apparatus I can't recall the name of at this moment, and knees.)

37. Ugliest childhood outfit?
I honestly can't remember much, but probably my Sparks outfit.  Pink sweatshirt and pink sweatpants-- I think that speaks for itself.

38. Worst injury you've ever had?
A wrist injury that we never got checked, but hindsight being 20/20, was probably a fracture.

39. What is your GPA?
No idea, as I shredded the SMU letter that said so, because it was also the one that told me I was on AP and I didn't want my parents to see it.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house?
Three, but one of the is only used and useful for Tim's GameCube/N64.  It's too old for anything else, even a converter or a VCR - it took two days for Dad to jury rig the cable for the N64 to it.

41. Who was the first person on your flist?
_random_oddity_, because she reminded me first.

42. Who is your most faithful LJ commenter?
Don't have one, really, though I think beautydreaming has commented most.  I'm a slack LJ-er

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
Not likely, though I think Virginia used to.

44. Would you eat cute fuzzy animals?
Cooked, why not?

45. What is your favorite book?
Oh gods.  Um... I'll just be a nerd and say my thesaurus and Oxford English Dictionary, since I couldn't possibly pick a novel-type book.

46. What song did you last hear?
Phenomenon (Open Your Soul) by Thousand Foot Krutch

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?
No idea, but probably something happy and, y'know, ME.

49. What were you doing at 12AM last night?

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
"Why does my mouth always taste like carpet in the mornings?"
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