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Hinata white flag
For the love of god, hurry it up.

Preliminary to begin in spring for man accused of killing ex-girlfriend

NEW GLASGOW — A preliminary inquiry will begin in the spring for a New Glasgow man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.
Matthew Craig Anderson is charged with second-degree murder in the death last year of Jamie Lynn Walsh.
He’s remanded until the preliminary begins May 27.
Craig Clarke, Anderson’s lawyer, says the case has been   delayed by a backlog of material at the Halifax RCMP forensics lab.
Walsh’s mother sat in the front row for Anderson’s court appearance Thursday.
Susan Walsh says she wants to be present for the preliminary as well because she doesn’t want to hear about it second-hand the way she heard about her daughter’s death.

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I thought the court system would be better up there. Seems like it's just as bad as in the U.S.

I think it's a bit better than the US, but not much. Mostly it seems we don't seem to have enough employees to get stuff done faster (like this article and a previous one were saying about the forensics backlog).

Ah man, it's especially damaging when it comes to an issue as important as this.


On a happier note, I get paid tomorrow, so I can finally send your Christmas present. XD

Awesome. I ordered your gift on a website whose headquarters are located in Hong Kong, so it might be while. Sorry.

They're slow shippers, and after it gets here, I have to re-send it to you. Jeez, at this rate, it'll be about 3 months overdue.

Really, no problem. For serious. <3

Matt made one big mistake now he will pay forevevr

I've spent time with matt in the central Nova Scotia correction facility and he is kind, gentle and very haard on himself, harder than any system will be on him. he did what he did and should pay, but he should have been helped by our provinces mental health programs early in life instead of him and poor Jamie becoming statistics,pray for him, he has problems, he is in a living hell and was there before killing lovely jamie pray for both of them, matt is worth loving and has a huge capacity for kindness, friendship and human love we all must forgive in time.Please, pray for Jamie,Eve and matt, please.

Re: Matt made one big mistake now he will pay forevevr

Look, I don't know who the hell you are, and I don't care, but Anderson isn't the only one with problems, and you don't see everyone else fucking killing people.

Fuck off.

Edited at 2008-02-17 01:50 am (UTC)

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