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A yay and a WTFNO
Hinata white flag
The yay: Cambridge, Mass has elected the US' first black, lesbian mayor.  Go Cambridge!!!


These guys were applying to get into Yale's Zeta Psi frat.  They wanted in, so they stood outside the Yale Women's Center with a sign that said "WE LOVE YALE SLUTS".

Among other things, the YWC is supposed to be a SAFE place and offers stuff like rape counselling.

This is beyond NOT COOL.  This is YALE, it's supposed to be one of the best universities in the US, and they're doing shit like this.

I'm nowhere near as eloquent as fantasyecho, so if you want an eloquent-ish post, read hers, but we both agreed we should blog about this.  If Yale realises that this is really, REALLY bad publicity for them, maybe they'll do something about it, the bastards.

That's all, really, because I really don't know what else to say about this other than that is ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE that Yale U has done NOTHING about it.  That's just BULLSHIT.

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Very cool of Cambridge. Progression is in our midst!

That is disgusting, but in their defense, it could have probably been a form of hazing. You know, pledges often do things they don't want to do. In which case, those ordering this activity are fucking pigs.

And it's supposed to be a prestigious institute for the intelligent...

Yes! :D

Actually, we don't have frats here, so I don't really know anything about what pledges normally do. It's still sick, though, and they should have said no instead of doing it, IMO.

You might be surprised. Here the university has no official frats, but there are several sororities and fraternities that exist off-campus.

They're more rare, and a heck of a lot more quiet, at the very least.

Well, I meant that we don't have frats in the same way the US has frats. Like, it's not a huge thing that everybody does or knows about. We don't have any frats at X, I don't think, but maybe that's cuz we're teeny?

'Nish is too small to constitute a chapter :P

Halifax has a couple of frats but neither chapter, as far as I know, would ever do any sort of hazing like THIS. I've met a few members of one of the frats (even had a cast party in their frat house) but while they did manifest some kiddy behaviour on a personal level, it was never quite so blatantly disrespectful as this.

Frats and sororities in Halifax are usually more involved with charity than with general assholism.

Another good reason why Canada is teh superior.

Thought so. XD

Oh, okay. I never heard about any when I was at SMU either, so... yeah.

Ha, I knew we were better. XD

It's currently rush season for one of the sororities right now, actually, which includes shared events with a fraternity. They're very low-key in general. Some of the Named Scholarships are sponsored by older fraternity members, and you have to be a member of the fraternity in order to quality for the scholarship; just another way that fraternities look out for their own.

Just recalled the name of one of the frats: Sigma Chi.

That's the thing, oftentimes pledges go through hell and abuse, and must submit because frats will supposedly help you greatly in later life. When pledges decide they want to be in a frat, they will literally become the senior members' bitches. They do anything without hesitation to be in the frat.

IMHO, I wouldn't ever subject myself to that type of abuse no matter how high the pay off in the end, especially when the abuse is purely for amusement.

...What's so useful about a frat? I mean, how is joining up with a group of people like those you describe helpful? (Haha, culture gap. XD)

I personally never saw the usefulness, but it supposedly helps in terms of connections, I think. Especially with business. A client is more than likely to purchase the product, whatever it may be, if you happen to be in the same frat.

But with the sheer number of universities in the US, wouldn't the number of frats be insanely high and make the chances astronomically low?

I think overall, there are a relatively low number of prestigious frats and each university generally has their own chapter of a national/state wide frat.

Of course, this is all speculation as the frats I noticed often seem to specify that they are a chapter of the frat.

It's basically the brotherhood (or, as in a sorority, the sisterhood), a community, kinda like a family outside your family. A frat member is honour-bound to help out any fellow member in trouble, and that in itself isn't really a bad thing. Frat houses are refuges if any brother finds himself without a place, and there's a lot of sharing and caring within a frat itself.

Think... Freemasons-Lite.

It just gets bad when awful shit like this happens and keeps being perpetuated because all the boys involved think they HAVE to do it (be badass sick fucks) in order to fulfil some male bonding thing. It's one of those "guy rule" bullshit things.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Gotcha. I understand now. ^_^

I hate frats. Every fraternity I have ever heard of has had some dumbshit things like this-

I just don't know. I really, really don't.
Sometimes people... :(

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