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Blog for choice! (And fuck you, PETA.)
Neji no shame
Okay, so I'm writing this after midnight, but am backdating it to be just before.  So then it can show up on the appropriate day.  And it looks like I was on the ball.  XDD

So.  Twenty years ago yesterday today, Canada legalised abortion.  Yay for Canada!

But.  There is a but.  It's hard to get one if you want/need one.  Which sucks.

Anyways, that's not really the point of this post.  My point is that I'm pro-choice, though if you're pro-life, that's fine.  That's the beauty of being pro-choice - by being pro-choice I'm advocating to make it the choice of the woman it will actually be affecting.  If you want to keep your baby, you go ahead; if you don't, go ahead. This isn't to say I think abortion should be used as birth control.  Absolutely NOT.  But I - or any other woman - should have the right NOT to have the opinions of others forced on us.  And that's what most people who have dubbed themselves pro-life want to do.  They want to dictate what one decides to do with one's baby - which, depending on how far along one is, one may or may not consider a baby.

So yeah.  fantasyecho is being more eloquent than me, again, but that's okay.


I just watched PETA'S 2008 State of the Union Undress video, in which they use a woman stripping to make people "listen" to their message.  Right.  How many of the average people who see this are going to pay more attention than "OMG BOOBS"? Women are not objects to be used to attract people to your propaganda, PETA.  Diekthx.

Especially when you're total hypocrites that kill animals at the same time you say you're trying to save them.

The video:
not worksafe version
worksafe version

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Canadian Liberals are farther left than the Democrats, to the best of my knowledge- and our Conservatives are sortof half way inbetween the Republican and Democrat policy... and Canadian politics have been leaning farther left in recent years anyways.

Two party system. Not my cake.

Eh, yeah, I was simplifying it liek woah. Politics confuse me. XDD (Which side is left again? Liberal?)

Yeah, same here.

Politics are annoying because to some extent, all parties are right. It's all a matter of the people choosing whose priorities are most important, but unfortunately, when governments butt in to tell the people what to think....

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