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All right.  Stuff.  Yeah.

Have updated inkntendinitis - OMG! - with a couple of Vampirates! icons and the Vampirates! moodtheme I finished on Sunday~!

Yes, I did it. :D  All 132 moods, in, like, less than a week.  I thought my brain was going to turn to mush, haha, because I was doing other work at the same time.  XDD  Many thanks to tonko_ni for your help~!  ^_^

The post is HERE.

atom0001, I got my prezzie from you yesterday~~!!  Eee~~~!  *loves on you*  It's super awesome. :D I am wearing it RIGHT NOW.  And wore it all day yesterday.  You rock. <3

I made a new friend yesterday~!  Hello, oceanica~!

Thanks for that idea for that fic that I'm going to use for my Creative Writing midterm assignment, BTW.  ^_^  <3

Now... I have nothing specific that I am required to do the rest of the day, because Professor Strickler cancelled class tonight, and it was my last one of the day.  It's weird for her to cancel, though...
Tags: fandom, friends: the bacon bits in life's salad, inkntendinitis, school
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