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Fuck off. Right now.
Hinata STFU
I just got this comment on my 01/22 post about the updates on Anderson's court case.

(Anonymous) ( wrote:
Feb. 16th, 2008 09:32 pm (local)
Matt made one big mistake now he will pay forevevr
I've spent time with matt in the central Nova Scotia correction facility and he is kind, gentle and very haard on himself, harder than any system will be on him. he did what he did and should pay, but he should have been helped by our provinces mental health programs early in life instead of him and poor Jamie becoming statistics,pray for him, he has problems, he is in a living hell and was there before killing lovely jamie pray for both of them, matt is worth loving and has a huge capacity for kindness, friendship and human love we all must forgive in time.Please, pray for Jamie,Eve and matt, please.

So, because Anderson had problems, I'm supposed to excuse him from what he did?  I don't fucking think so.  He assaulted her ages ago in the summer of '04, she dropped him and charged him, and then he fucking kills her on at the end of 06.

He has problems, so I should be a nice, forgiving little snowflake.  It's everyone's fault but his own that he ended up killing Jamie-Lynn!  He was screwed over by NS mental health programs, and by society, and he never learnt to express himself in a non-violent way.  It's all the fault of patriarchal institutions!

...Yeah.  Right.  No fucking way.  Sure, society didn't help much, what with the whole concept of the big macho manly man and the not always teaching guys how to express themselves non-violently, but you don't see fucking everyone killing people.  Jamie-Lynn's murder was the first one in NG in fifteen years, so it's not like this is something that happens all the time (which still wouldn't excuse it).

He didn't, as Jha put it when I was... discussing... this with her, find a way to unfuck himself.  And that's all his fault.  Unless he's certifiably fucking insane, he has no excuse for what he did.  None.  And that's the end of it.

Jha says:
you have problems? well, fix them. don't hurt other people in due process.

And that's all there is to it.  So fuck you, anonymous commenter. Go sympathise at someone who fucking cares.  Anderson had problems, but so did Jamie-Lynn.  She fucking had it hard, too, and was still nice and helpful and kind.  So fuck off - Anderson doesn't have some sort of monopoly on having problems.

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Everyone has problems, they just don't fucking kill people in the process.

That's bullshit and he knows it. You just don't forgive people for killing someone.

Sorry, you read didn't need that bullcrap.

What, the anonymous' bullcrap? No, I suppose not, but it's there.

People are absolutely stupid. You're clearly affected by it, and then he goes on to say something like that... I mean did he believe he was going to get you to forgive him?! Come on!

Insensitive and stupid.

I have no idea what he thought, but I agree - if he thought that that was all it would take for me to forgive Anderson, well... honestly, I may not ever.

Makes me wonder how he found you...

I think there might be a way to block people from commenting on your journal. I know you can block usernames, wonder if there's a way to block IPs (since he was nice enough to leave his behind). If so, one less asshole to deal with!

Who fucking knows. Googling for people talking about Jamie-Lynn and Anderson, maybe? I don't really care.

Yeah, I think I can ban IPs, but I doubt s/he'll be back. Honestly, I rather wish I could find out who it was - not to do some stupid vigilante shit or something, but I'm just wondering if I know the person.

Oh, I'm quite sure there's a way to get a name from that IP. An IP search site I got off Google tells me he's got an Eastlink IP. They should be able to give you a name (or at least the name of the person who pays the internet bill).

There might be other ways to get that info, but I don't have that kind of technical know-how.

I know there are ways, I just don't have the technical know-how either. I assumed he had an Eastlink IP or an Aliant just for the sheer fact that from his comment I took him to be from Pictou County, and, well, there's only the two providers, really. Commonly, anyway.

Though he may not be from PC. I dunno.

Edited at 2008-02-17 03:34 am (UTC)

Aaaand IPligence.com says.... Sackville, NB. It's an estimate, though, because it thinks I'm in Bridgewater, but this snooping thing is fun! xD

Jamie Lynn was my an amazing friend to me, just like a sister .. she spoke of me often to her mom on how much i was like her when she was my age ...jamie flipped her whole world around for her baby girl eve ...she didnt have much but she always manged to stay on her feet .. i honestly would hate to be a mother at the age of 21 with an x boyfriend im scared sh**less of ...what matt did .. oh what matt did ...it`s so sad to know that one little girl will never know how wonderful her mommy was ...but when the time comes and she is old enough to know what really happned ...little evea diva wont be able to forgive.... im just a friend and im not able to forgive matt not just yet not for what he was gonna to do with jamie and 2 of us other girls..... matt may live to regret what he has done but he also may not .....i spoke to jamie not even 2 ours befor it happned and my sister was at her door 15 min`s after it did no one new when i spoke to jamie she told me she was so scared of him...well i can say one thing... when and if i see that man he will be saying the same thing.. im sorry for ranting on your site ..i just randomly came across this .. gods_child1989@hotmail.com if u dont agree with what im saying

jasmin leah

i honestly dont know why u guys what to block this person who is obviously freakin out abou this ....making a point ..and is upset ...and i agree with who ever put the first comment 100% of the way.. i known matt for years

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