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32 is the T in D F at which W F

So I did end up having to get up at oh-dark-hundred (AKA 0400) to drive with Mum and Steve to the airport. He was technically supposed to be there by 0500 since his flight was going at 0800 and for international you're supposed to be there three hours early, but the NWA wicket doesn't even open until 0600, so we said the hell with it and went for 0600 instead. Despite my attempts, I was unable to sleep in the car. I hate my biological clock sometimes - I'd told myself I had to be up and alert by 0400, so when did I snap awake with the energy of an overcaffeinated, ADHD kid? 0357. No kidding. It was like waking up via IV caffeine. It was ridiculous.

Of course, after I drove home and got in the house, I lay down and was asleep right at 0900 (a minute after I lay down) like it was the biggest crash of my life. Then my biological clock struck again, and I woke precisely two and a half hours later, at 1130, in time to clean up before driving my brother to work and picking up Kelsey to take her out for lunch as a graduation celebration-y gift thing.

I got my room assignment letter yesterday - as of September 3rd, 2006 I will be living in room 430, Marguerite Hall; it's even a single. Apparently, transfers are ahead of first years when it comes to room bids, although we move in the same day. Hopefully, our new exchange student from Korea, Geon Ham, won't be arriving that day. Yes, I did just say Geon Ham; according to Sang Won (another Korean exchange student), the name will probably be pronounced something like "John Hamm", allowing for slight dialectal adjustments.

Also: I have rediscovered the Mrs. Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman. I'd forgotten how much I love those. Basically, a 60-something widow from New Brunswick, New Jersey decides she wants to be a spy because she's sick of her daily existence (and no, I couldn't resist). So she takes a trip to Langley, Virginia, meets with the CIA, and volunteers. They accept(ish).  Entertainment ensues.  I think that is the most original way I've ever seen for someone to become a spy.

Bwahahahaha; have been doing IQ tests that Eggydez linked me to and scoring well, making me feel good about myself. One of them is here, and the other here. I have also stolen something else from fantasyecho.

You scored as True Alternative. You are a True Alternative! Labels do not suit you well, particularly as you tend to strike your own path and to grow purely via experience. No armchair quarterbacking for you! Originality and creation are your specialties, and sometimes you can even articulate what the hell just happened. Someday you may find yourself drawing the maps for other people... lots of other people.

True Alternative




White Lighter








Aimless Eclectic




What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
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