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New fic!
I've posted a new Sandsibs-centric fic, Politics, in inkntendinitis.

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...Okay, I seriously like that icon of yours way, way too much. *stares and is mesmorized* XD

Haha, there is no such thing as liking that icon too much. :D

*stares for what seems like hours*

Gaara looks so handsome when he's smiling... squee!

Matsuri: *excitedly* Gaara-sensei! *glomps him*

Haha, if you want to, you can gank it. I made it, so if you want it, go ahead. XD

Thank you for your generosity. ^_^

*totally steals the icon*

You're welcome. ^_^

OMG, that icon was so tedious to make! I'm glad I did but AUGH I nearly went insane. XDD

Baby, surely you would do it for Gaara, yes? ^_~

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