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In the beginning...

So.  Here I am, now at LiveJournal.  I have converted.  Or somesuch.  Don't ask me.

My day at work was made of stupid, so to start things off, I'll post a work rant.

The call started off okay, but quickly degenerated into my trying to convince a criminally stupid lady that I was right and she was wrong.   Listen, lady, I don't care if your billing department says the claim is fine and that all the codes you're billing are right.  You CANNOT bill with ICD-fucking-9 procedure codes!  NO!  Our system does NOT recognise ICD9 procedure codes!  That's why your stupid claim is pending for an invalid code.  Because you billed with an ICD9 as the principle procedure code.  You have to use a CPT4 code, a Rev code, or a HCPCS code for our system to recognise it and not banish it to the Realm of Invalid Codes.  The only thing that we use ICD9 codes for is the diagnosis.  Period.  End of story.  What your billing department says is right doesn't matter; if it isn't in your goddamn contract to bill with ICD9 procedure codes-- and it isn't, because I checked just in case-- then you can't.  And that's the end of it.  The fact that this is an inpatient claim has nothing to do with ANYTHING, the system still cannot process anything but CPT4 codes, Rev codes, and HCPCS codes.

There's a reason my goddamn company sent you a letter stating that the damn code was invalid.  Because it freaking is.  Get over it and submit a corrected claim with the equivalent CPT4 code on it.  And don't you dare say that there isn't one, because I fucking found it.  Stop fucking saying that inpatient claims don't need to have CPT4/Rev codes on the claim as the principle procedure, because they do.  Maybe some other companies use the ICD9 codes for principle procedures, but we don't.  If you want us to pay on your piddly $11,000 claim, then bill us correctly.  Yes, it is piddly, you moron.  When one has dealt with issues on claims of $150,000 and $400,000, and on claims for 1.6 MILLION dollars, $11,000 does seem rather insignificant by comparison.  You'll probably only get paid about $3500 in the end anyways, since you're contracted and all.  Bint.

Getting my supervisor on the phone because you think I "don't understand what's being said" will not change that, for fuck's sake.  It will make you look [even more] stupid.  He's going to tell you the same damn thing I just did, especially since he has to ask me what the right answer is anyway.

I fear for the future of the human race with people like this woman around who can't understand basic concepts like using the proper coding on a claim.  The scary thing is, I know that there are stupider people out there.  *whimpers*  Keep them away!

On a happy note, I love the Pot of Gold mint collection thingy they have going.  *drools*
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