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Two memes!

Both of these are from tonko_ni.

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.  I have letter H.

1) Hikaru no Go: slightly obvious, if one has read my journal for the last little while, since I was fangirling it again fairly recently.  XD

2) Hassan: one of the protagonists in Vampirates! and the dude in my moodtheme pic.  Hassan is adorable and sexy and hilarious.

3) Halifax: biggest city in my province and the provicial capital; I lived there for the 2004-2005 school year and, except for the shitty school part, really enjoyed it.  Met awesome people like 

fantasyecho, gilded_wrath, and  _random_oddity_ there, and am going to be back for July/August, staying with my grandma again.  Yay!

4) Hockey: one of my favourite sports to watch, part of our national identity (you know it is XD), and fodder for one of my fics, haha.  Sadly, there isn't much hockey on during the summer for me and Grandma to watch together. XDD

5) High Street: my street.  Where I live when home at my parents.  I don't mind saying this since, uh, there are a lot of High Streets in the world, and there are at least wo in my county alone. XD

6) Hana: from Naruto, she's Kiba's older sister.  We don't see her enough, sadly, nor is there anough (good) fic about her.  Sigh.

7) Hours: by this, I mean work hours.  Which means money.  Which means stuff like Animaritime! CON! :DDDD

8) Hot chocolate: especially mint hot chocolate.  Mmmmmmm....

9) Humour: I love to laugh.  Also, making funny is my way of dealing with stuff.  People don't always get it, though, and sometimes are upset/offended/etc. by this fact.  Ah well.

10) Hardingfele or Hardanger fiddle: incorrectly listed as a "hardinger" on the insert for the soundtrack for The Two Towers, this Norwegian instrument was used for Rohan/the Rohirrim in both TTT and RotK which was my first exposure to it, and it was also used in Ghibli's Tales of Earthsea.  It's gorgeous. I love it.

...That was hard.  XDDD  Time for the other meme!

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

tonko_ni picked these.


1) Vampirates!: this webcomic.  A friend of mine recced it to me saying, "It's a comic about Canadian vampire pirates" and I was immediately curious.  Also, I was all "YAY CANADA!" and "YAY VAMPIRES!" and "YAY PIRATES!" and "YAY ALL THREE TOGETHER!" so I had to look.  Then I read it, and now I love the characters, and all their different personalities and the ways they interact and banter with each other ("Why are you treating me like a villian?" "Because you suckerpunched the bus driver?"), and there's humour and angst and plot and I just really adore it OMG.  XDD

2) Fanmixes: fanmixes are, in case anyone doesn't know, fan made collections of songs about a movie, charatcer, TV show, pairing, etc.  I like fanmixes for a number of reasons; they (sometimes) expose me to new music, they make me think about the character/pairing/series in a different way, and they're just plain fun to make, and to listen to.  ...Yeah, I'm a dork.  XD

3) NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing MonthYou just picked this because you forgot to do it yourself for that letter meme, didn't you, tonko_ni?  NaNo is a totally seat-of-your-pants approach to writing a novel.  I've written every year since 2003, won (that is, got 50K words) every year except for 2004, and been an ML since 2005.  I love NaNo because I love to write, and I love the community and how it brings people together.  It's more fun than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.  Srsly.

4) AlbelxFayt: my favourite pairing in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Star Ocean 3).  Fayt Leingod is the main character, a student from Earth whose scientist father <insert spoilers here> and is a generally nice guy, and Albel Nox is a snarky, generally hateful, socially inept manskirt-wearer soldier from the Kingdom of Airyglyph on the planet Elicoor II, nicknamed "Albel the Wicked" for, uh, a good reason.  XD  (I seem to have a thing for socially retarded/awkward characters; Gaara, Naruto, Albel, Naruto!Sai, Syaoran, Akira...)

I really like this pairing for a lot of the same reasons as I like every other pairing that I like: I like that way these two play off each other and interact, and I think they have some chemistry between them.  Both of them have issues that I think the other could help them deal with.  They'd be good for each other.  Also, they're hot together, and their ending is freaking hilarious.

5) STFX: Saint Francis Xavier University.  My university, which I love.  The profs are (generally) awesome, the community is great, the people are great, the campus is nice, the old building are awesome and old, we have ghosts.  Our school paper sucks, though.  XDD

6) SO3: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, aka Star Ocean 3.  An, IMHO, awesome RPG for PS2 which spans two discs, made by Squenix.  The story is awesome, particularly for a sci-fi fan like me, and (most) of the characters are awesome.  The sorta-main girl, Sophia, irritates me to no end (she's one of those pretty much helpless girly-girls who does nothing but provide part of the main character's motivation for the first little while of the game), but Nel and Mirage are freaking awesome (and, uh, uber-hot. Just sayin'), Maria is interesting, and Peppita is adorable.  Meena was awesome, even though she wasn't a playable character and ended up <spoilers>.The guys are alternately awesome and provide much lulz; Cliff is awesome and hilarious, Albel is awesome and snarky (and hot in his manskirt), Fayt is an all-around nice guy without being a doormat, and Roger is kinda cute and also hilarious, besides being too big for his britches.  XDD

7) Kankurou: of Naruto, the younger brother of Temari and the older brother of Gaara.  He's a puppeteer, and a brother.  Despite my frequent irritation with my OWN brother, I love brother characters; older or younger.  I can't really define why I like Kankurou so much; he's got a lot of depth, despite being a somewhat minor character ( ;_; ).  I just, uh, really like him, and it isn't cuz he's rather hot both with and without the facepaint and kitty hood.  XDD

So, there's a couple memes.  I'm going to go back to sitting here bored almost to tears and drinking Ribena now.

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