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Watch the wank go...
C&A internet!
LiveJournal has eliminated the basic account (absolute minimum stuff, ad-free) option for new users, which also includes existing users creating new journals (like, say, for RP, etc.).  Now the only two options are Plus (ads) and Paid (obvious).

They completely neglected to mention this fact in their recent news post and in fact have only mentioned it in the comments since people have brought it up.

I haven't got my knickers in a particular twist, because I can live with ads on any new journals I make, since they'd be for RP or something similar, but I certainly think that not telling us straight up was definitely bad form.  Bad form, LJ.  Very bad form.

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What really gets me was the bit about how there are changes coming up for paid and plus holders. Given how so many of LJ´s recent changes have been BAAAAAD, I´m decidedly nervous.

Yeah, I know what you mean. :/

Some of the new stuff has been good/neat/whatever, like, the "expand" feature for comment threads, but... yeah.

*nod* I'm loving on the "expand" thing, but this... guh. Makes me really damn nervous.

The expand thing is great, but I agree. :/

:/ This sucks.

I hate ads, and I don't like the idea that I will be seeing them in my journal/on my friends page. Oh wait- only counts for new accounts? I should be okay. But this still sucks- If I were a new user who had to choose between livejournal with ads and some other service with free-no-ads... guess which one I'd pick.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this nonsense turns out. Sucks.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

The dude who's, like, the VP of something or other for LJ got in on the comments thread and was like "it only effects new users!"

Cue a billion and one people getting all, "dur, existing users make new accounts all the time; obviously, you know nothing about your userbase."

Personally, my friend and I never wanted to upgrade to Plus accounts because it just felt like selling out your journal (Yeah, we take LiveJournal that seriously! XD). But if it's the case of being no choice, oh well... What can a person do?

As I understand it, accounts that are currently Basic are allowed to stay that way, there just can't be any new Basic accounts created.

I understand, which is why I'm not complaining too much. I like my unsold-out account! XD.

Ad-Block Plus for the win!

I have a Plus account. I never see ads. It's lovely.

Haha, I'm paid at least up until next January, so I'm not worried about the ads right now. XD

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