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Naruto 393


IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME.  PLEASE BE FUCKING DEAD.  Though the way he seems to have died kinda made me go "Aw!" because I like Itachi more than Sasuke, at any rate, even though he's kinda boring.






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Unfortunately, the next chapter will very likely be about Sasuke due to the title... >.>; Meh. I'm kinda getting sick and tired of seeing him and Itachi (for the last 300 chapters!!) so I too hope that it's over now. PLEASE. GO BACK TO NARUTO AND CO. KTHXBAI.

(Or better yet, go back to Suna! :D We want to know the extent of Gaara's sand abilities post-Shukaku! Or at least, I do. <3)

Re: we can only hope...

Yeah, but that could be the last one for a while! Or maybe it'll onlyl half be about Sasuke - Kishi does that sometimes, too.


(OMG, him going back to Suna would makeme happy in my pants but onfortunately, he'll probably only go back to Suna when he plans on doing something mean to them, like last time.


Re: we can only hope...

I wonder if Sasuke is going to be all emo that he wasn't technically the one that struck the killing blow to Itachi... he indirectly caused his brother's death, but he didn't like, kill him by his own hand. Geez, what if we get like, 5 MORE chapters on Sasuke wangsting about that? I think I'd hang myself if that happened.

I'd like to see Naruto and co. fighting against some of the Akatsuki shinobi. I mean, damn it, Hinata and her team are there - please let her do something kickass that isn't only in the anime. >.>;

(It would make me happy in my pants too; I guess that means you and I need to lock Gaara in a room for some good ol' RAEP TIME! *evil laughter* That would be stupid of Kishimoto, though, since Gaara is one of the more popular characters. I know everyone trips over themselves for Sasuke, but I'm fairly certain that Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Gaara are all pretty high up there on the popularity list too. So please be giving them some of the spotlight - Sasuke has hogged it long enough. >.>)

Why would he now? o.O; Elder Chiyo revived Gaara with the life transfer technique. He'd better not die again!!

Re: we can only hope...

Something tells me he will have issues with the fact that he didn't strike a killing blow. Foolish little Sasuke... XD

It's Naruto and them and, uh, MADARA. Which means if they do fight they're totally fucked. So I wouldn't mind too much if they didn't fight him right now. XD

Good, at least I'm not the only one. XD Yeah, Gaara's usually in the top ten or so. Please, Kishi, make the next chapter (called "Sasuke's Victory?!" so obviously including Sasu-butt) the last one about him for a while~!

I dunno why he'd die, I was just saying. XD

Re: we can only hope...

GAH, I know. I'm expecting it soon, since Sasuke has some serious entitlement issues, amongst many other psychological setbacks things.

Oh geez... Well, they DO have 8 ninjas right now, and the group should be able to fight fairly well as a team, so if they do end up getting into a spat with Madara, I think they can at least get a draw or something... I hope. =/

Yes, please do. No more Sasuke for about 50 chapters, plzkthxbai. I know that eventually Naruto and Sakura will want to beat his ass into the ground attempt dragging Sasuke back to Konoha again, but they don't have to catch up to him right away... right? >.>;

I didn't cry the first time because I knew he was going to be revived, but damn it, if Gaara dies again, I will bawl like a little baby. D: D: D:

Re: we can only hope...


They do have eight, but if Madara is as TOTALLY FREAKING INSANELY powerful as Itachi makes him out to be... well, I think the most they can hope for is Madara to let them escape unscathed. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, though? ^^;;

Yep, let's lay off Sasubutt for a while, Kishi. Plz.

I cried, spent several months in denial about the permanence of his status as, uh, DEAD, and then cried when he was brought back, too. I dunno when you read/saw that part, but I read it as it was being released, haha. XDD *uses appropriate icon*

Re: we can only hope...

I wish Sasuke wasn't so damn popular. I still wish Gaara had killed him during the Chunin exams, albeit all the rabid Sasuke fans in the world will surely want me dead for desiring that.

*is kind of secretly hoping for a situation in which Naruto rushes into another fight half-cocked, and Hinata comes to his rescue somehow* XD

Oh, I see. I didn't get into Naruto so much until last year, and by that time, Gaara's death was like old news because everyone was talking about Itachi and Sasuke's upcoming confrontation. Anyway, back then, I wasn't a Gaara fan, but I am a huge one now, so I appreciate his revival much, much more. Thank you so very much, Elder Chiyo... <3

Re: we can only hope...

I know exactly what you mean. :/ I don't because then that would have pretty much ruined any chance of a Naruto and Gaara friendship and they're just so good for each other!

*is now not-so-secretly hoping for a similar kind of situation, lulz*

Haha, yeah, I was in it the whooooooooole time waiting... it sucked. ;_;

Re: we can only hope...

Well, they can still be friends, you know. Naruto was fighting to save Sakura as well, so even if Sasuke had been killed, as long as Naruto could've freed Sakura, he still would have fought hard like hell. Maybe he and Gaara wouldn't be terribly good friends, but then at the very least, Naruto wouldn't have to put up with that annoying pain-in-the-ass anymore.

*would totally have a huge, crazy fangirl moment if that happened, because Naruto seriously needs to wake up and realize Hinata's love*

Ugh, I'm sure it was hell. I teared up in episode 17 as I watched Gaara reflect during the last few minutes of his life... Geez, when that episode finally gets dubbed and I hear him speaking those words rather than just reading them on the screen, I probably really will cry. D:

Re: we can only hope...

Yeah, they could be friends, but it wouldn't be the connection they have in canon, is what I meant. And that would make Caitlin a very sad panda. :(

*zomg yes* Even when I write Naruto gay, I don't IGNORE the whole Hinata-head-over-heels-for-him thing if it's a long enough fic for her to be in it and/or mentioned.

I cried so damn much reading those chapters. OMG. It was a good thing it was when my grandma had gone to bed, or else she would have seriously thought a friend of mine had died or something. XDDD *is lame*

It was so disappointing. Here is Itachi, baddest motherfucker out there, can take on Orochimaru without flinching, and dies of natural causes! Ah!

It was fun to hear my friend squirm as his favorite character is Itachi.

Well, I dunno if death from what seems like massive internal trauma (what with the coughing up of gouts of blood and him grabbing his chest with an emphasized heart thump sound effect) and/or chakra exhaustion counts as natural causes, but it certainly ISN'T a stab in the face. XDD

I rather LIKE how he died, actually. Um, a lot.

...And I have to admit part of it is because I want to see how Sasuke the whiny, irritating, emo brat reacts at not having actually killed Itachi. <_< But most of it isn't! Just a little. XD

I think he was laughing at the end. I don't if he cares so much that he killed Itachi, but rather that he died. If anything, he INDIRECTLY killed him. XD.

Honestly, I don't think that having indirectly killed him will be good enough for little ol' Sasuke, considering how much he seems to HATE AND LOATHE AND DESPISE Itachi. I think he'll have issues with the fact that he didn't deliver a killing blow.

Sucker. XDD

And so starts another EMO Sasuke.

Yep. Damn.

...But needing to go after Madara now could be a reason to team up with Konoha again. Which would make Naruto and Sakura happy, and therefore make me happy.

I can totally see Itatchi jumping up and being like "PHYSC, GOT YOU AGAIN!" cause he's done it like, 15 million umpteen times already. ((reminding me of House of Flying daggers. Seriously. the chick would NOT die.))

But he lost his cloak, so technically, he can die now. ((With the cloak on, I swear, their invinciable. magicial cloak powers >.>))

The chapter made me "AWWW!" in several ways. One, in sadness cause Itatchi dies. Two, because it almost seemed (to me) that Sasuke kinda had this expression of fear mixed with...I dunno, something akin to regret, once Itatchi fell down in front of him?

The poke made me "AWWW" then another following Iatchi's fall.

Maww, I hope Iatchi doesn't die. Damnit, why doesn't Zetsu help out?

I can't see Sasuke joining Naruto now, only cause he's got his own team that's a bit more useful then Naruto and Sakura.

He's done it a bunch, but with the coughing up of blood and the grabbing his chest over his heart and all that, I really think he might actually be dead this time.

YES! The forehead poke! I was like, "OMG!"

Zetsu isn't helping cuz he wants to eat whoever dies, probably. Or he just doesn't care who wins.

Sasubutt is gonna have so many issues if Itachi dies and he doesn't get to strike the killing blow~! XD

Lol, man you said it. Like your other friend said (I think it was your friend, or maybe you) that now we're probably gonna have another 300 chapters of Sasubutt wallowing in emoangst that he didn't kill his brother outright.


What makes me kinda sad too is that right after this he's gonna go after Tobi ((and most likely get his emo ass kicked)) so it's like - I don't think he's ever gonna be satisfied, ya know?

I was thinking the other night - DAMN, what must their mother think up in heaven? All "aww damnit, I raised two murdurers, my sons are killing each other."

I get why he wanted to kill Itatchi and all, but damn, he should just leave him alive. He is so screwed if something happens to him then, cause I dun think Tobi is all that intrested in repopulating the Uchia clan.

ZETSU WINS EITHER WAY! xD He gets a yummy uhchia snack!

Oh, Sasubutt. Learn to stop wangsting. XD

Nope, he'll probably never be satisfied, the dork.

Man, you've got a point. Poor Mikoto; her sons seem to hate each other. :(

Lulz, tasty Uchiha. Think they taste like chicken?

You need to be online more. I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you~!

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