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Oklahoma's privacy laws suck

"OKLAHOMA CITY  —  A man accused of using a camera to take pictures under the skirt of an unsuspecting 16-year-old girl at a Tulsa store did not commit a crime, a state appeals court has ruled."

Apparently, Oklahoma privacy laws are A-okay with pervs using cameras to look up women's skirts in public, because they are not "in a place where there is a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy."

Even better: the girl that spawned this case is sixteen.  Age of consent in Oklahoma?  Sixteen.  This girl is barely old enough to (legally) consent to sex, and she has some pervert take a picture of her under her skirt in public, and the court throws the case out because in public apparently isn't a place where one can expect privacy.

What the fuck.

This disgusts me.
Tags: feminism, why i hate people

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