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Not an April Fool

April first, and my campus
looks like this:

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Oh boy, do I feel your pain. Ooooh Caaaanadaaaa...

It snowed MORE here yesterday -_-

But it's supposed to go up to 8 tonight so I hope that melts some, finally.

...I LIKE snow. XDD

Good luck with the melting and the lack of snow thing. XD IT may or may not get up past +1 here today. XD

I remember that from my year in Northern Michigan.

Yeah. I ♥ Virginia. We've got flowers here.

I <3 Nova Scotia. :D We have snow!

Oh. So it did snow last night/yesterday. I looked outside after getting my coffee, today, and was like, was that snow here, yesterday?

(Why yes, I did pull an all-nighter, yesterday night, why do you ask?)


*has been awake since 0700 Monday morning*

That looks familiar. XDDD

I wish I could deal with the cold. I went up to Washington D.C. during these months and it wasn't even snowing and I was freezing my ass off.

I love snow though.


Well, it can be too cold to snow, you know, so you may have been visiting during one of those times.

It snowed again here YESTERDAY.

Luckily we've had some rain since, so hopefully we're going to start to see some melt this week.

But: For the most part, we gots more snows than yous :(

Until last night/today it'd mostly been, uh, too cold to snow, haha. XD

Did you get a snow day today?

'Course not! That would be too easy. Meh.

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