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It's been a while, but...

... at least it was less than three months this time. ^^;;

OMG!! 36 days until I move into res at X!  *almost dies of excitement*  That means only a month and three days left dancing for the phone-monkeys at Convergys! I deserve a T-shirt; "I SURVIVED CONVERGYS: dance, monkeys, dance!".  Also, I'm apparently a Power of One 2005 Champion. It only took them almost seven months to give it to me. Woo. Like I actually care - I can't even, like, sell the plaque for money for the metal - it's only copper-toned finish, not actual copper. Of course.

Was in Halifax this weekend past, staying with fantasyecho. Arrived Friday night around 1835, and went to Sushi Shige on Sping Garden. Discovered that despite the tastiness of sushi, the texture sets off my gag reflex. Boo. So I got tempura udon because I was still hungry, and then we went over to Dio Mio's for some of their fantastic ice cream.  Then I went to the theatre arcade with Jason, Marek, and Glen to stomp some arrows, and Jason walked me back to fantasyecho's place "because he's a gentleman, not because I'm a girl" before heading off to wherever he went.

Saturday, I got flowers from Jason because he had discovered the night before that I had never gotten flowers and he wanted to remedy that. He's sweet.  Later on we went to Venus Envy and then the Pride Parade, both of which were awesome.  Napped at fantasyecho's, then we went out to Anatolia for Turkish. I had their chicken kebab, which was divine, and they make the best rice I have ever had in my life-- and I've eaten a lot of rice. I also got to have a bite of fantasyecho's cheese börek, which was great.  Then we headed over to Night Magic so Wade could take pictures of her in her wonderful outfit. She looked quite hot.  I bought a belt at Black Market that I adore - it's blue cord with purple beads knotted in. Seven bucks. Glee!  We went to the Marquee for Electronica Erotica, which was hot, then went back to the apartment and changed before headed down to Reflections.  Refs was wall-to-wall people, as it IS a gay bar, and it WAS Pride weekend, and it WAS the location of the official Pride Party. A good time was had by all, I think - I danced some, but mostly sat and people-watched, which I love doing, and there was plenty of eyecandy and interesting people to see. And some sexy gay boys. *leer*  Then we went back to fantasyecho's around 0200 and collapsed into bed, though we got woken up about 0500 when Sean and James came back.

Sunday morning, we (her, Sean, Jason, and I) went to Smitty's for breakfast, because they do an awesome breakfast. I also bought a piece of cheesecake to go, but alas! I forgot to eat it before I left for the bus. *wibble*  I went to Sweet Jane's, which is better than the Freak Lunchbox, with Jason, and bought stuff. I got Jellybelly jelly beans (because they're the only ones worth eating), some childhood-flashback-inducing penny candy (OMG Swedish fish! Sour blue raspberries! Cherry blasters!), something for beautydreaming that I won't specify here because I bet she's reading this, and a giant New York style cupcake, which was fantastic. Cream cheese icing all the way!  fantasyecho had a meeting at six, so I kicked around downtown for a bit before my 1900 bus.

And that was my weekend! SO MUCH FUN! I have to put a BIG thank you to fantasyecho in here for letting me stay with and buying me dinner Friday and such! You're so awesome!!

Since I'm a review whore, I'm going to pimp my fanfiction. Go! Read! Naruto fic, three Sandsibs stories and one non-Sandsib to be found HERE!

Also on the topic of Naruto fanfiction... I never though I would say this, but I'm writing a Naruto school AU fic.  Yes, one of THOSE.  But! It is not a high school fic, but university!  And there will be good spelling, grammar, and characterization!  Basically, what about 99% of all Naruto school AUs out there are missing.  They're missing everything but Mary-Sues, and I can guarantee NONE of those! *shudders*

I have the five major countries, plus Snow country, with a major university in the hidden village, each one having it's own field of expertise, though they offer subjects that they don't specialise in (obviously). So far, they are divided as follows:

Konohagakure (Fire Country) - Art, music, drama, theatre, literature, etc.
Sunagakure (Wind Country) - Anthropology, archaeology, history, languages, etc.
Iwagakure (Earth Country) - Agriculture and Earth sciences (geology, etc)
Kumogakure (Lightning Country) - Hard sciences (physics, chemistry, etc)
Kirigakure (Water Country) - Biology w/extra specialness in marine bio, medicine
Yukigakure (Snow Country) - Engineering and related components

Since I'm a Sandsib fangirl, it'll probably focus on them at Konoha U, but I definitely won't ignore all the awesome Konoha characters, so no worries! ^_^ I won't even bash, which is something that is in too many of these fics, nor will I make the characters like this: emo!cutter!Gaara, emo!cutter!Naruto, evilbitch!Sakura/Ino, etc.  I HATE that. >_<

I'm still doing basic plot hashing and character/world notes.  The world is going to be the bastard child of our world and the current Naruto-verse, though I'm still trying to figure out how to work Naruto's ambitions and Gaara's psychosis into a ninja-less, jinchuuriki-less universe.  But I'll figure it out.

I really never thought I would be doing a school AU, but I realised that I would really like to see one done right.  Considering the state of the fandom, I'll have to write it myself if I'm going to find one at all easily.  If anyone out there has ever read a GOOD Naruto school AU - high school college, university, whatever - I'd love you forever if you told me.

Also, if anyone is interested, I uploaded a whole slew of new icons, mostly by domlandbubbles, because they rock so much.  My icon for this post is one of those. ^_^

Post has been cut to save people's friends pages - if I'm on anyone's. ^^;;
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