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Ugh, sick sucks
Gaara stayin' alive

Was sick today and yesterday.  Didn't feel too bad yesterday, except for throwing up once very early in the morning, but when I got up today I felt like absolute, total shit and super nauseous, so I called Cindy and she told me to stay home.  I slept, like, half he day.  I caught it, whatever it was, at work, but that was my own fault.  When I called Sunday night Cindy said I didn't have to go in Monday because people were still sick, but I wanted to because she needed a hand - in the end, it was a good thing I did, because when I got there Monday, Cindy had left a note to say she was sick, too.

Usually the older kids, the parents, and I avoid getting sick when the younger kids do, but this time literally everyone got sick.  I took a gamble and lost, as I told Anna (9) when I called Tuesday morning - she then promptly asked me why I went gambling, and I realised I wasn't talking to Beth (17)  who would have known exactly what I meant, haha.  (Anna, Beth, and Julia [7] all sound almost the same on the phone.)

Knitted and watched House yesterday, slept and watched House and Avatar and slept some more today.  By the time I felt okay enough to eat this evening, I was totally wiped - my blood sugar must have been through the floor, I swear.  I was too tired to colour or write or even play video games.  I feel better now that I've managed to eat and drink, but I'm still ridiculously tired.

I hate being sick.  Augh.

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Blaaarrrgh, that's sucky. I hope it goes away and you feel back to normal as soon as possible. What an epidemic. At least the misery had lots of company? :/

And you know, I had people doing what you did to Anna to me when I was about 10 or so, I apparently sounded a lot like my mom, I'd have her colleagues going on for like five minutes because I was too shy to interrupt and I had to wait for a pause to say "um, I'll get my mom."

Yep, lots of company - there's twelve people in that house. XD

Haha, she was just confused by the metaphor.

That happens to my brother with Dad, but it never happens to me, because my Mum has an English accent and I, uh, don't. XD

Oh man. So sorry. I'm telling people, it's a bug. Everyone around is getting sick.

Such a great example of what I learned recently in my Child/Adolescent Development class. XD. Don't mind me, just applying what I learned.

Sounds like cool day. Knitting and watching TV, although less so when you're feeling like crap. Hope you feel so much better soon.

Use your awesome ninja skills to fight off the viruses!

Yeah, seems like.


It would have been cool if I could have enjoyed it, but yesterday especially I was just too blah to do anything.

Better now~! Thanks~!


Also, haha, I was just telling my brother about those Burger King!Tritter mspaint_lolz comics yesterday. XD

Haha, my icon is... iconic!

And I'm glad you're better. Being sick is the suck.

mspaint_lolz is iconic too. XDD

Me too and it is.

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