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Not dead, I swear!

Have been doing lots of knitting lately, and my Ambitious Knitting Plan is well under way.  My Super Secret Ninja Mission will also be getting along soon.

Getting a new computer today - a laptop.  Sam is still my favourite, though, Ellie, don't worry.  XDDDD  I haven't figured out what I'll name the laptop yet, though definitely not Annwyn, because it just feels like I'm killing the original Annwyn or something, lol.

Went lobster fishing yesterday with Bart, Matt, and Jake - Bart is the dad of the kids I take care of, Matt is the oldest, and Jake (15) is the... fourth of the ten kids.  It was super awesome and I had a great time.  Am I weird for really, really enjoying jobs that entail physical labour?  Because I do, haha.  Will describe the day in more detail in another entry later (or in comments if people ask questions XD).  No pictures, sadly - I'd bought a waterproof disposable so I could take pictures, but then I forgot it, and I would have been too busy anyways, what with the doing actual work on the boat, and not just being along for the ride, haha.  Also, I doubt Wal-Mart - or anywhere else - would let me turn in a camera covered in fish gut smears to be developed.  XDDD

Going to Halifax soon, in the first few days of July.  I'm doing a certificate course in teach English as a second or foreign language, and it starts July seventh.  I'm going to leave Sam here and take my laptop (and external harddrive, which I have yet to name, dammit) with me because I'll actually be able to find somewhere to put the laptop, unlike Sam, as he takes up too much space for the room I have in Grandma's apartment, and it isn't worth it to replace her computer with Sam for just two months.  I need to find my summer clothes - I thought they were in my big green suitcase that I hadn't unpacked yet, but... that was winter clothes.  Dammit. XD

Been doing almost nothing but knitting or sewing while watching House lately, and practically all I've been listening to for the last few weeks is the House "definitive soundtrack".  That's what the torrent file is called, anyway - it's got stuff that isn't on the official soundtrack - some of it is just the audio lifted directly from the show, but that's fine with me, haha.  I'd forgotten how freaking awesome House was until I decided to download the series because I'd barely seen any of seasons one and two, and am now totally addicted.

...I hope I'm not the only one out there who cried like a baby during the last two episodes of seasons four.  XDD
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