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(no subject)
Last day of work at the Brown household today.  The kids didn't want me to leave - Maggie (2 3/4) and Karol (5) kinda clung to me for, like, ages.  I'm going to miss them~!  So I brought them cupcakes and Skittles.  XD  They've told me I have to come back Monday when the pool (they have five cottages and a house they rent, and so they have a pool)  is ready, since I didn't get to go swimming with them yet, but I'll "be a guest!  No work for you!"  God, they're sweet.  Gonna miss seeing them everyday. : (

Though at least I figured out why Maggie has been wanting the little gift bag on the shelf in the office all week, since she found out I was finished at the end of the week, and fussing when I told her that it wasn't for her so she had to leave it alone - it had a present for me in it.  XDDD  It's a chain with a little whale pendant; slightly cartoony, but cute and, well, I'm a sentimental sap so I love it.  ^^;;

Chopped off my hair today~!  I'll post before-and-after pics at some point later.  It's very short now, like an inch and a half or so.  It's great~!!  It was driving me absolutely NUTTERS.

elysiumstudent and I saw Kung Fu Panda tonight.  It was amazingly hilarious and I am ded from lulz.

Am typing this entry on my new laptop, dubbed Jeanne at this point.  *pokes Ellie*  Yes, that Jeanne.  XD

Leaving for Halifax probably on Thursday.  Am looking forward to it.  Very excited.  Liek woah.

Tired.  elysiumstudent is over.  We're going to bed now.  Night all~!  <3

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You got a boy-cut, didn't you? *sigh* Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin.

Kung Fu Panda blinded me with its sheer awesomesness. For which there was no charge.

I was going insane! I just wanted my hair out of my face, please for the love of god. XDDD

In other words, it will probably be considered as such. The Return of the Uber-Dyke~! XD

Yes. Being blinded by the sheer awesomeness for free was the best part about the whole movie.

Now go see The Forbidden Kingdom. *shoos away*

Already did! Like right after it first came out, Jess and I went the first time I saw Jess after she got back to NS. ^____^

They're cute. Sounds like a great job... Woah... five cottages! That was so nice of them.

Kung Fu Panda was a great flick! As beautydreaming mentioned, I believe we were all blinded by the awesomeness. XD>

Good luck with the certification!

They are cute! Well, most of the time - they get less cute and more "Argh! *pulls hair out*" when they're misbehaving, haha.

Yep, five cottages and a house. They're very nice cottages, actually - my family stayed in one for a few weeks back when our house was getting lifted to get our basement on (ten years ago this winter, lol).

Kung Fu Panda WAS awesome, and they didn't even, like, make any pop culture references. It was great. ^_^

Thanks! <3

As is the duality of children. Can be cute as hell, but can be "Argh!" as hell. XD.

I knew fishing was a wealthy career, but damn!

The plot was intense too whether it be Tai Lung and Shifu, or just Po's metamorphosis.

And yet, I love them anyway. XDDDD

Haha, actually, it's only good money if you get a good haul and know what you're doing, trust me. The cottages are just another business they run, to supplement their income from fishing. They also have land they rent, and Cindy used to teach at the fisheries college. They work hard for what they have - there ARE Twelve peopel in that family, after all. XDDD

Tai Lung and Shifu made me wibble, and Po was just absolute love all around. XDDD

Ah... I see. They would need the money to support that family. Woah... XD.

Indeed. Teared a little for both plots.

You're in Halifax next Thursday? Ooooh. Can I plot to kidnap you for a few hours?

I'm in Halifax starting next Thursday, until the last week or so of August. Does it have to be Thursday? I may not have time Thursday. ^^;;

Of COURSE it can be some other day! As long as we get to hang out. 'Cos November's too far away.

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