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C&A internet!
The internetz has abandoned me~  : (

And by abandoned me, I mean that I can't connect to any of the unsecured wireless networks in my apartment building because I'm not close enough to them, so I has no internetz, unless my grandma will agreed to get it for the two months I'm there.  I'm going to offer to pay her for it if she will.  Because I will be sad and miss you all.  : (

Right now I'm leeching off fantasyecho's bandwidth, because she loves me and was willing to let me share whilst at her house. <3

At least I brought my PS2 up here with me, so I won't be totally bored out of my tree.  Also, my stuff for both my Ambitious and Not So Ambitious Knitting Projects, and Operation K.E.W. (all of which are going very well).  And all my writing, and most of the contents of Sam on my external harddrive.  So I have stuff to do, even without my internetz.  XDD

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