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Well, okay, not really spam since there's only four, but still.  I promised old and new hair pictures. XD

Old hair!

So this is my brother Timothy and I looking like fools, haha.  We were trying to figure out if there was any way to position your fingers to show dividing something--pie, I think, in this discussion--equally into five (like how you cross your hands in an X to show cutting something [like pie] into four).

You can see how absolutely scruff-tastic my hair is, though.  You can't tell from this angle, but my bangs were something like halfway down my nose when they got into my face.

New hair! (with bonus live lobster)

Cindy brought some lobsters by as "payment" for my help the day I went fishing (since I had asked to go as a guest or whatever, I didn't get real money, but since I helped I got lobsters - even though I don't eat them, Mum and Tim do).  FYI, the funny line on my forehead is the lobster's antenna and the shadow of the antenna (in case you couldn't tell).

These guys (and girl) are some ugly sons (and daughter) of bitches, aren't they?  XD

The one on the far right is a girl.  You can tell by the width of their tails - girls have wider ones - which you can't see here (or if they're carrying eggs, obviously, since the girls carry the eggs), but you can see the tails in this picture:

Now the chick lobster is on the far left, though.

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Ewww lobster bum!!!
Miss you! Love the hair!


Miss you tooooooooooo~!

And I like my new hair, too. <3

Perfect hair for the summer. Yo, I just saw someone at the bank wearing a Nanowrimo shirt too! First time I've ever seen it.

Aww, not a lobster fan?! I love lobsters, unfortunately, it's kind unhealthy.

It is, haha.

Really? Score~! <3 NaNoWriMo. XDDD

It isn't that bad for you, actually - low in fat among some other things I can't remember, just not suitable for a low-sodium diet. ^^

Which is the exact diet I am on. I found out the hard way. XD.

Oh. Well damn. ^^;;

Oh internetz, I miss having you at home. *at public library*

Oh my. What's the problem with your internetz?

You should check a great book while you're there.

I'm in Halifax for a course for teh summer, at my Grandma's apartment, and she doesn't have internet. So I'm going online at the public library.

Man, I've read eight books since I got here a week ago. XDD

Speaking of my apartment, gotta go, I have to catch my bus~!

:D I've never seen you before! I mean, a picture! You're adorable.

::squishes you::

Short hair ftw, though.

I think lobsters are cute (also tasty... lol). I want to get a crayfish for my fish tank. /random lobster-induced tangent

Awww, thanks. I must be, because people keep telling me that, I guess? I mean, beautydreaming even made me this icon... XDDD

*squishes back*

I <3 short hair.

I don't actually like to eat lobster, haha, but being on the boat was fun. XD

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