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In 28 days...
Naruto mouton

I will no longer be employed by Hell Convergys and I can't wait.  Thank all that is presumably holy for small miracles.  It's not like my job is really hard or anything, but it's tedious and repetitive and annoying and most of my coworkers are incredibly petty.  Who fucking cares if you lost your seat when you went to the bathroom?  That's why it's called SLIP SEATING - because you could lose your seat ANY TIME you leave your desk.  Did you miss that in Basic Convergys Operations 101?  We've only been doing it since FOREVER.

And maybe I'm being petty, too, but at least I'm being petty in semi-private as opposed to the middle of the call floor or the break room or smoking area.  (As private as LJ gets, anyways.)

Hannah?  I don't like you, and I'll probably never like you, and you don't like me.  But that doesn't mean you get off asking me a question about one simple, basic thing and telling me to go fuck myself when I say you should already know how to find that out.  You've been out of training (which was three months on it's own) for SIX god-damned MONTHS, and seeing if an appeal is closed is one of the most basic things there is.  See the OPEN date?  Means it was started on the entered date. That BLANK SPACE where there should be a close date? Means it ISN'T FUCKING CLOSED YET.  Why did you even need to ask about this?  It should be common sense.   Also?  You ARE NOT the be-all and end-all of importance and DO NOT take priority over anyone else.  One of the friends I trained with just LOST her BABY and I'm sorry, but that's a bigger deal than your birthday, so excuse me if I pay no attention to the fact that's it's your OMG!BIRTHDAY and more attention to a friend who is more than a little bit upset about her LOST CHILD.  Fuck you and the god-damned high horse you ride in on everyday.  You'd think someone your age would be a bit more mature, hm?  You're, like, in your forties or fifties.  Get over yourself and learn the world doesn't revolve around YOU.  Fucking BINT.

Holly?  Yes, you had a note on your desk saying you'd gone to the bathroom, but that DOESN'T exempt you from slip seating - most notably, when the Duty Manager TOLD ME to take your desk.  You also lose any right you had - not much to begin with - to bitch at me about taking said seat when you admit that you were actually on LUNCH and had put the sign up to keep people from taking your seat.  Fucking liar.  A five minute pee break is a whole different story than a thirty minute lunch break, dear, and you should be expecting to lose your seat even on pee breaks, and particularly on lunch breaks.  Getting your friends to LIE for you doesn't improve anyone's opinion of you, either.  You've done this before, and I heard you talking untrue shit about other people who didn't deserve it, and you wonder why people don't really like you?  Generally, dirty little liars DON'T make many new friends among the people they're TELLING THE LIES TO AND ABOUT.

And now to bitch about some non-coworkers, because I hated work that much today.

Hey, Mumble Man!  Learn to speaking actual fucking English and to ENUNCIATE!  I have no issue with you having a heavy Indian accent, but I DO have an issue with you having a heavy accent AND mumbling, and expecting me to UNDERSTAND PERFECTLY!  When the word "benefit" sounds like "bemfed" I'm NOT going to know what the FUCK you're talking about.  Likewise when "participating" sounds like "parsible" (where you got the 'L' sound I have NO idea, or the 'B' for that matter) and "five hundred" like "fihuger".  And not only did you MUMBLE, but you mumbled excruciatingly softly, making it even WORSE.

Yo, Shrink's Bitch!  No, you DIDN'T send us a fucking claim form - if you HAD, the claim record would have been created from it.  The claim record was created from the weird page that you DID send us with a checklist, a receipt photocopy,  and the patient's info on it.  Which is why we have a charged amount of ZERO recorded.  We DON'T know what the fuck you're charging - the photocopy of the debit receipt and the total amount from the checklist thingy are COMPLETELY different, besides the fact that those ARE NOT acceptable ways of submitting charges.  (The exception, of course, being doctors/facilities who don't have the right forms because they aren't in the US - like that letter John looked at from the hospital down in Wolfville.)

Claim Processor person?  Did you even read the words I typed on the screen?  Hell, CAN you read the words I typed into that little white box?  I even put the REALLY important ones in CAPS LOCK for you, since you really do seem to be THAT oblivious.  The two facilities you keep telling me are the same?  THEY'RE NOT!!  Two DIFFERENT FUCKING FACILITIES!!  They have DIFFERENT god-damned ADDRESSES, DIFFERENT fucking NAMES, and DIFFERENT FUCKING PROVIDER RECORDS IN THE GOD-DAMNED SYSTEM!!  How much clearer can I be?  Do I need to fly down to fucking Texas and READ IT TO YOU?!

Okay.  Rantage done, no more CAPSLOCK OF RAGE from here on out. I promise.

I read a really, really, really good book today - yes, just today.  Those who know me shouldn't be surprised. XD  I started it at 1000, and finished about 2000; the only reason it took me so long was that I was reading around my calls at work most of the day, and then stopped to eat and such. ^_^  The book is The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini; one of the (non-petty) women at work bought it because it's supposed to be good, and let me borrow it before she reads it because she knew I'd be done by shift's end Friday, and she usually reads on weekends. XD  And OMG is it EVER good.  Holy fuck.

The story is told in first person narrative, which I don't always enjoy, but this was wonderfully written.  Told from the POV of the main character (obviously), an Afghan boy-then-man named Amir, who is the son of a wealthy Kabul merchant.  His best friend is his servant, a Hazara named Hassan.  It's about loyalty, betrayal, and what can make or break a family and a friendship - personally, I found it to be a fantastic read and I could hardly stand to have to keep putting it down to take calls.  XD  The writing style was great, and I have provided an excerpt for your pleasure.

    They'd both been crying; I could tell from their red, puffed-up eyes.  They stood before Baba, hand in hand, and I wondered how and when I'd become capable of causing this kind of pain.
    Baba came right out and asked.  "Did you steal that money?  Did you steal Amir's watch, Hassan?"
    Hassan's reply was a single word, delivered in a thin, raspy voice: "Yes."
    I flinched, like I'd been slapped.  My heart sank and I almost blurted out the truth.  Then I understood: This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me.  If he'd said no, Baba would have believed him because we all knew Hassan never lied.  And if Baba believed him, then I'd be the accused; I would have to explain and I would be revealed for what I really was.  Baba would never, ever forgive me.  And that led to another understanding: Hassan knew.  He knew I'd seen everything in that alley, that I'd stood there and done nothing.  He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again, maybe for the last time.  I loved him in that moment, loved him more than I'd ever loved anyone, and I wanted to tell them all that I was the snake in the grass, the monster in the lake.  I wasn't worthy of this sacrifice; I was a liar, a cheat, and a thief.  And I would have told, except that a part of me was glad.  Glad that this would all be over with soon.  Baba would dismiss them, there would be some pain, but life would more on.  I wanted that, to move on, to forget, to start with a clean slate.  I wanted to be able to breathe again.

If you're looking for a happy book, then you definitely don't want to read this one - it's not a happy book by any stretch of the imagination.  If, on the other hand, you want a vivid, gripping story and don't mind it dealing with some heavy topics like religion, sexual abuse, politics, and war, then you might enjoy this book.

Man, if this guy had anything else published, I'd definitely look them up - but alas! this is his first published novel.  But what a novel!  Holy shit.  I can't say that enough.  I even got that warm feeling in my chest when I finished reading it - the kind of feeling I got when I finished LOTR and some other books that I absolutely adore.  (And no, it wasn't just heartburn. XP )

And I'm going off to watch some BECK, because I am now addicted. XD
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*soothes your CAPSLOCK OF RAGE*

*calms* Thank you!

(28 days till moving!!! *flails*)

Hey there. I see you're using two of my icons (the chibi naru/gaara headchomping and the sandsibs No Hug one) Would really appreciate being credited, thanks! ^_^

See, now that I actually know who made them I'll be happy to!

The thing about most of my icons is that I got them from people who didn't know who made them. But when I find out, I always make sure to put it in the comments if I have them on LJ and also in the filename so I can't forget/lose the name. ^^

I think I have some more of yours saved, so I'll make sure I put your username in there so I can credit if I use them anywhere... should I check your LJ userinfo to make sure I haven't got any that you don't want to share/have used by anyone else?

hee, yes, I saw that with your other icons. ^_^

It would be great if you would, even though you don't exactly have to. Lots of my "not for sharing" icons end up passed around and I'm too discouraged/lazy to bitch at everyone about it, besides they're just icons. ^^;; Besides I should revise the status of some of those anyway, so if you want to use one that's labeled not for sharing, you can alway just ask and I might change my mind. XD

Okay, sounds good! ^_^

Yeah, I hate not knowing who made some of my icons, but some of them I can't bear not to use. XD Like your Naru/Gaara chibi headchomp - they're one of my OTPs, and it was just so damned cute! *luffs on her OTP*

But your name is in there now. ^^ Friends?

Man, do I know the feeling. But if I used all the icons I love, 1) I wouldn't have space for my own crack and 2) I wouldn't have a high horse from which to ask people to stop using my icons uncredited anymore. Alas! Such tragedy. XD

^__^ ♥

Indeed, that would be tragic. ^o^

May I friend you? One can never have too many friends - I spent years having only one, and it sucked. XP

Go for it, though I'm not sure you'll enjoy all of my posts. I'm a narusasu(and narusasusaku) addict and I can't. Stop. Babbling. About Sasuke. Ahh, I'm so obsessed with that messed-up bastard traitor I think only other fans can stand it for long. XD

...Narusasu is another of my OTPs, as long as it's done right. My OTPs often contradict each other. XD

Sasuke kind of annoys me sometimes, but I still like him. ^^

Ohh yes. ♥ I think I had a list somewhere... I mean, I love narusasu in the show, but the fandom almost managed to ruin it for me. Naruto is not a sparkly, innocent princess, and Sasuke is never going to decide that his brother and his revenge and his own fuckedupness matter less than some buttsex and flowers. And they wouldn't stop being rivals just because they started being lovers. They didn't stop being rivals when they were friends, damn it! *shakes fist at fandom*

/insta-rant. u_u;;

Sasuke wouldn't be so interesting to me if he wasn't so perfectly irritating sometimes. He's so fun to mock mercilessly. XD

I've seen lists all over the place - and fandoms can ruin almost everything for anyone. The GWing fandom almost ruined itself for me - I'll read or write any of the guys with any of the guys, but the ship wars, and the people who do the 1/2 seme/uke stereotyping thing make me rageful. Also, when they make Duo or Quatre crossdress for weddings. XP

On the topic of mockage (besides my icon XD) - as beautydreaming's mum says, "We mock because we love. ...To mock."

When I was in the GW fandom, I so bought into the seme/uke thing at first. hey, I was young. ;_; Everything was shiny and beautiful.

Then I developed good taste. u_u;;; *cough* So yeah, definitely agree. Though, I couldn't read just anything, no, it has to have Heero in it. XD;; Must be nice to be able to read fic that's just GOOD and not care who and who it's about so much. XD;;;

... ahaha. yes. totally. XD

I didn't buy into the seme/uke thing by pure luck - the first fic I ever read was a yaoi lemon (at the age of 12, and before I knew what the terms meant) and Quatre was "seme" and I thought it was hot. Imagine my surprise when most of the other fic I found had Quatre being all weak and innocent and what have you. I still hate the fanon "little one" nickname for him.

gghhk Little One. *twitch twitch* just because he smiles doesn't mean he doesn't have balls!! aurgh.

...I didn't watch GW until at least two years after i got into the fandom. and yeah, i was already writing for it by then. *shame* Still didn't like uberuke Quatre much, but aurgh, now it really bothers me how i characterised him at first. all gentle and shit. D: noooo! velvet glove, steel hand! bad asuka, bad. XD

"Velvet glove, steel hand" is the perfect description of Quatre. ^_^ He's gentle/kind when he needs to be, but gods help you if you get on his bad side or hurt his friend/family. XD Just look at what happened when his dad blew himself up and Irea got hurt! (Though, in the manga, a building blew up and they both died, Irea while protecting him....)

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