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I'd forgotten how much PETA pissed me off until I came across this post at Feministing.  PETA justifies using naked and mostly naked women to call attention to their animal rights beliefs and to promote vegetarianism/veganism by basically saying "well, sex sells."

"While cruelty to animals is a serious matter that should elicit widespread public outrage, efforts to reach the public through more serious means often fall on deaf ears in a world in which sex sells and there are both a war and an economic downturn."

Screw you, PETA.  No wonder so many people think that all vegans are crazy.

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Yes, let's bring attention to these non-human beings by dehumanizing some of our fellow human beings!

PETA sucks.

Which I agree with the sentiment about giving a big "eff you" to PETA for their use of women in ads, I don't like the idea that people think "all vegans are crazy". All vegans aren't crazy, of course, and PETA is as good a representative of all vegans as is of all women.

I know that all vegans aren't crazy. I'm rooming with (probably) two of them this year at X. But a lot of people think they are, with no small credit to PETA and some of the publicity stunts they have pulled (Saran-wrapping their interns half-naked and covered in fake blood in 80 F weather comes to mind).

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