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...For another month, anyway.


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GREAT. It was awesome. Now I just have to wait and see how I did, lol. XD

What were the assignments like?

There weren't that many. I had to log what I did with my students in our lessons for my practicum, and our big scary final assignment was five lessons plans with a minimum of three hours of material, and they all had to be on the same theme. Like five lessons about weather or food or sports or whatever. So lots of work, but it didn't take that much time once I got down to it. I put in, like... eight hours for my logs and lesson plans combined? *shifty eyes*

Oh my! Sounds like fun work, though? How'd you like it? How did your students like it?

Also, what are you gonna do for the birthday?

Oh yeah, the teaching/tutoring was great, I loved it. My students (except Li, TBH) were really good about showing up and really wanted to learn. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves, too, since they want to get together and go out for lunch/supper/whatever one more time before Kyou-Sung and I both leave (he goes back to Korea the 23rd, and I go home the 24th).

For the birthday? Work. XD And the next day. But the 17th will invole hanging out with my students, so that'll be fun. :D

Korean students?! How old were they?

Oh darn, I really hope you have tons and tons of fun. If you don't make it LJ during those days, let me wish you an early "Happy Birthday".

One Korean student, and he's 24. Two were Chinese and one was from Saudi Arabia.

Aww, thanks. <3

Sounds like great fun. How was their English?

It was pretty good, but not everyone in my class had students at that level, haha. Some of them had practically raw beginners. XD


Are you home now? Will you be home? When do you go to X, again? My brain is not good at teh rememberingness.

Nope, not home right now. I'll be home for Saturday and Sunday this week (we're having a do for my Grandma's 80th), and then back to Halifax for a couple more weeks. I'll be home-home on August 24th, and then I'll be moving into the apartment on the 28th. XDD Busy busy!

Come by sometime this week! I'm making a marshmellow cheesecake today and I need a test-subj- a taster.

NOW I found out what kind it is, after I've bought food and caffeine at the Second Cup (though I'd actually already bought 'em when you pinged me XD).

Hi chickie!
I don't know if I told you, but I am working as a platoon officer at cadet camp. I just got your postcard today - my grandmother forwarded it to my address here. It's pinned up on my desk bulletin board by the one Maddie sent from Scotland. Everyone thinks I am super lucky to get lots of mail!!! Anyways, I can't wait to see you when I get back into the province!!! Miss youuuuu!!!

Yes, you mentioned that.

Glad you got my postcard! <3 Mail is win.

Miss you toooooooooo! The 28th is when I move in - is that when you do, too?


I am moving in Aug 29th, but I will be in the province before that. I'll probably be in the 'Nish the evening of the 28th and stay at a hotel so I can move in early in the morning.

I come home from Hali the 24th, move in the 28th, and have training the morning on the 29th. We should totally have supper together that night! <3 (Or something, anyway.)

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