caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

In six days...

... I'm going to be 20.  Twenty!  OMG! 

I am entirely too amused by it, as well as the fact that Mum is having real problems with it.  The letting-go type problems, of course.  This is my mother, after all; the one who didn't want me to take a walk because it was dark at the age of 16.  It was six o'clock and winter, Mother dear, of course it was dark!  XD  She's so paranoid sometimes - I think there are two things that contribute to her paranoia.

ONE: She is a nurse.  Generally in the ER.  I think you can see what that goes.
TWO: She is inherently suspicious.  Even Dad says so, and he's been married to her for over twenty years - I think he'd know! XD

Mostly, her problem is that once I'm 20, she can no longer pretend I'm "just a teenager" because I won't be any more.  Thank gods.  Maybe her and Dad will stop making me go to church whenever I'm home even though I don't believe in it.

Then again, that could be too much to hope for.  In fact, it probably is.

Anyway, I'm still counting down the days until my last Convergys shift, when I move into res, and the start of classes. I am so glad to be going back to school.  You have no idea.

In family news, Joy recently had some tests done to check on the progression (or lack thereof, hopefully) of her cancer.  She's waiting for the test results, so we're all kinda edgy right now.  With any luck it'll have, at least temporarily, stopped advancing.  That would be nice.  Granddad sent us some picture of them and their something-or-other, and you can really see just how much weight she's lost from the chemo and whatnot, but we're trying to be optimistic.  Believe it or not, it can be hard for me to be optimistic.  Yes, I'm supposed to be hyper-perky-random-glass is overflowing-happy, but it's hard sometimes.

Anyway, enough angsting.

Moving on to the topic of school - I can't wait! I'm so excited to be going back to university... twenty-five days until I move in!! OMG!

In the meantime, I made up my ideal schedule on Monday.  Then realised I had scheduled myself to be in multiple places at one time, so I had to rework it. XD  Go me.  Then I took the timetable image into MS Paint and did it up all nice and pretty. Behold!!

There are two French classes listed in case I get bumped up from Fre 115 to Fre 215 after I do my placement test. It's unlikely, since I've been out of French for a year, but I planned for the option, just in case.

I also have an alternate schedule made up, but it isn't done all pretty-like, so I won't upload it here. XD (Also, I have not yet mastered the art of keeping my images from overflowing the edge of my layout. XD One overflow a post is bad enough.)

That's all, really.  I'll not rant about work today, because it would take far too much energy.
Tags: family, personal, university

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