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New phone!
I has new cellphone.  It are pritty and red.  Anyone wants to call me, it's 1-902-872-2727.  (Sorry folks, I couldn't get 867-5309.  But I tried.  XD)

:  Oh fer gods' sakes, PETA.  How stupid can you be?  Because someone being stabbed and then decapitated for no reason on a bus in front of a couple dozen onlookers is definitely the same as killing animals to eat meat.  Oh yeah, people are going to react well and support you when it's only been, like, a week since the dude was killed.  Way to make even more people think you suck.

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Jordan was saying that the best solution was to eat PETA. Then, we're not killing animals, and there's no one left to make sexist ads, afterwards! Or... make comments like that. Ugh.

I'm all for treating animals ethically, and all, but UR DOIN IT RONG, PETA!

*snerk* Eat PETA... sounds like it would be not tasty. Maybe feed PETA to the sharks or something?

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