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Not dead!

In summary:

Birthday: was awesome. Yay, am 22!
Course: is done, went great, and I has certificate nao.  Woo!
Students: met two of them for lunch yesterday, have promised to keep in touch.  They were awesome, I will miss them.
Work: blah, I have selling cigarettes, they stink.
Ambitious Knitting Project: coming along nicely.
Yarn: OMG yarn!
School: I move in a week and a couple days! OMG! YAY!
Stuff: bought a ten inch cast iron death weapon (aka frying pan) yesterday for <$20.  Sweetness.
         Shippuuden: filler arc is surprisingly not sucky and actually really good.
         Vampirates: OMG CLYDE!  And Jones has gone away! ;-;
         Girl Genius: mad science, romane, and epic lulz.  I love the Jägermonsters. <3

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Misseth thou like woah!!!! I can't wait to see you. Did I tell you that my grandma is coming out to NS with us now?? Should be a wild and crazy road trip.
I'm flying out on Thursday!! *spaz flail!*

Sidebar: When do you register?


I can't wait to see you tooooooooooo!

You didn't mention your grandmother. Oh my. Do I get to meet her? XD

I register anytime after this Friday at noon. You?


Of course you get to meet her! You have to come to dinner with my whoooole family! *insert evil maniacal laughter here*
Makes up for my "meet the parents" moment, even if we aren't togezzer anymore.

I register tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am your time, 6am my time. Huzzah for Honours!

I wish you were online! *whinges*

Sounds like fun! (Yes, I may be a masochist. ;) )

Nofair! You get to go before me! ;-; (Possibly because you're a C and I'm an M, or because your marks are better than mine, but still! Boo!)

I will be home and internetz-ful Sunday afternoon/evening! XD

Also, we must go camping. I got a tent from Ron for my birthday. Please say yes? XD


It's because I'm an Honours kid, slice!
'Cept that I will be intarwebless on zee family road trip! I need your cell number! ARGH! SEND SEND SEND TO ME! ASAP!

That is so funny you mentioned camping! I was looking at pretty NS tour guides yesterday and thinking how much fun it would be to go on one of the adventures we always talk about. Hiking and camping and the like! YAY! So as you can tell, I am totally in!


Oh, right, I forgot about that. XD

I did post my new cell number here wen I first got it, but I suppose I can tell you again. ;) 902-872-2727 !

WELL SINCE WE HAVE NO CAR IT WOULD PROBABLY HAVE TO BE AT THE NISH CAMPGROUND. But that's okay, right? XD (Though, alas, it's only a wee two-person tent, so if anyone else wanted to come they'd have to, like, provide their own. XD)


ALSO! My room extension is 4571, and my apartment's living room phone is 4806!


...Just kidding. ILU~


I haven't seen you on AIM lately. D8 *ORZ*


Because I'm still in Halifax and have no internetz at my (grandmother's) apartment! BUT! I go home Sunday and so will have 24h netz access again, then move into my campus apartment on Thursday (next Thursday, obviously) and will have internetz there too. SOON I WILL BE BACK ON AIM ALL THE TIME! <3


Yaaaaaaay~ I can't wait to talk to you soon! \o/

I need a frying pan too. Now that's a bargain.

That's what I said. The filler arc wasn't that bad. People wouldn't stop bitching about it.

It WAS a bargain! Especially for a cast iron one! I was pleased. :D

I know! Then again, they probably thought it would turn into another pre-timesip type of thing. Which it didn't and I am glad. XD

Either way, I couldn't be any more glad that their back to canon stuff.

Are they now? I haven't watched Shippuuden 71 yet, so I wasn't sure if they'd finished the arc up or not.

Oh yeah, they have.

Spoiler: At the end of 71, we Kakuzu and Hidan chasing after the Two Tails.

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