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Not dead!

In summary:

Birthday: was awesome. Yay, am 22!
Course: is done, went great, and I has certificate nao.  Woo!
Students: met two of them for lunch yesterday, have promised to keep in touch.  They were awesome, I will miss them.
Work: blah, I have selling cigarettes, they stink.
Ambitious Knitting Project: coming along nicely.
Yarn: OMG yarn!
School: I move in a week and a couple days! OMG! YAY!
Stuff: bought a ten inch cast iron death weapon (aka frying pan) yesterday for <$20.  Sweetness.
         Shippuuden: filler arc is surprisingly not sucky and actually really good.
         Vampirates: OMG CLYDE!  And Jones has gone away! ;-;
         Girl Genius: mad science, romane, and epic lulz.  I love the Jägermonsters. <3

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It WAS a bargain! Especially for a cast iron one! I was pleased. :D

I know! Then again, they probably thought it would turn into another pre-timesip type of thing. Which it didn't and I am glad. XD

Either way, I couldn't be any more glad that their back to canon stuff.

Are they now? I haven't watched Shippuuden 71 yet, so I wasn't sure if they'd finished the arc up or not.

Oh yeah, they have.

Spoiler: At the end of 71, we Kakuzu and Hidan chasing after the Two Tails.

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