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So, readin gmy local paper this morning (as I am home now), and I got to the end of it pretty quick (it's 31 half-sized pages).  The last section is the sports section, which I rarely read, but I spotted this headline: "Women's beach volleyball final worth watching".  Of course, I assumed this meant the game was really good or something.

Silly me.

Upon reading the article (which was really a laundry list of of totally random points), I closed the paper and threw it on the couch in disgust.  The bullet point regarding the women's volleyball was this:

"The women's beach volleyball final was amazing.  No, not that the Americans won their 108th consecutive match, but that those tiny white bathing suits did their jobs in heavy rain."

As if I needed any more proof that women's athletics aren't taken seriously.  Obviously, I didn't, as the women's uniforms for just about every event were proof enough that the women's events were just there to draw viewers by being hyper-sexualised.  (Hoyden about Town has a really good entry about this here.)

Thanks, Cam Hutchinson.

And by thanks, I mean fuck you.

EDIT: I didn't notice this little "gem" the first time I read the article because I was skimming for the women's beach volleyball final thing, but check this out:

"Exciting news from a CBC commentator during the women's bronze-medal beach volleyball match: 'The Brazilians are coming apart at the seams.'  I know it kept me glued to the set."
Tags: feminism, local

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