caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

Back at school.

Campus apartment is rockingly awesome, and bigger than I expected.  Living with daimeera , limetreebower (once she gets here) and the random person known as Angela (since Vivi, my roomie from last year, has a work term to do in Halifax she lost her spot).

Been here since Thursday and still not unpacked.

Need to continue the proud family tradition started by my dad at Dal and... acquire MOAR MILKCRATES so I have places to store things.  Need more shelving, and milkcrates are fr-- *ahem* cheap.

Glass box-ing again; work tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday and Friday night/Saturday morning backshift and Saturday afternoon this week.  My regular shifts are Tuesday night 8-12 and the Friday night midnight to 0600 Saturday morning backshift.  And yes, I picked them both.  XD

Tags: family traditions, university, work

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