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January 12th can't come soon enough

Trial date set for Anderson’s second-degree murder trial
The News

PICTOU  – A date has been set for the trial of the man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend. Matthew Craig Anderson, 26, will go to trial on Jan. 12, 2009. The judge and jury trial is expected to take four weeks at the Pictou Supreme Court.

Anderson is charged with the second-degree murder of Jamie Lynn Walsh. Her body was found on Jan. 1, 2007, in her Temperance Street apartment.

Prior to the trial, the lawyers for Anderson and the prosecution will meet for a resolution conference on Oct. 24. A resolution conference looks at whether the matter can be settled before going to trial.

If the matter doesn’t settle, Anderson will enter a plea on Dec. 8.

He was remanded into custody until the trial date.



I missed seeing this when it was published because I had just gone to Halifax (and no internet) and started my summer course and work, and no one up there sells The News.  Yay for The News' website search.
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