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I wanted to know the question that I was the answer to, so now I have to do the meme.  Okay!

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. kilerkki 
2. beautydreaming  and iamatwerp 
3. Uhm, do I have to pick one for this?
4. Lulz, daimeera . <3!
5. guitarpulsation 
6. elysiumstudent 
7. fantasyecho 
8. ladyassassin 
9. I HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR THIS ONE SO I'M IGNORING RULE THREE.  ladyassassin , oceanica , she_universe , beautydreaming , daimeera , tonko , atom0001 , alanahikarichan , cephiedvariable , sylvermage , tramsosmai , doryishness ... AND I'M PROBABLY MISSING SOMEONE.
10. guitarpulsation 
11. I DUNNO?
13. umadoshi 
15. riverrants , because I would seriously laugh my ass off.  ; )
16. iamatwerp 
17. doryishness , or sylvermage  (BUT THE GOOD KIND! <3)
18. ... no idea.  XD  *FAILS*
19. phoenix_melody 
20. fionnabhair_ii 
21. I DUNNO KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS.  SO.  askerian ?
22.  DITTO ABOVE ON MEANING.  eggydez ?
23. iamatwerp , haha.  XD
24. ...iamatwerp .  ^^;;
25. guitarpulsation .  ; )
26. I don't think I could manage that with anyone.  XDD
27. guitarpulsation , beautydreaming , iamatwerp , she_universe ?  AT LEAST SOMEWHAT, MAYBE??  <3
28. WELL I would say oceanica , but I've seen this already with you.  So... ladyassassin  and doryishness .
30. Send me mail plz?  <3 YOU ALL.

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...goshdarnit, now I've got to know, too. XD; *paws at you* Why am I up there?

If you reeeeaaaally wanna know, you have to do the meme! Shall I send you the questions?

o_O I'm on there.

I'd ask where to find the questions so I could do it but I don't really have that many friends on my flist, it's mostly comms or fic journals. :/

Of course you are! You wouldn't be surprised if you saw the questions, though.

I have the questions, so I would send them to you. It doesn't actually matter how many times you use each person. XD

Baah! I guess I have to do it now, huh?

Shall I send you the questions? ^^

Ah... I hate my natural curiosity.

Yes, yes. I'll participate, even though I don't have many people on my F-list.


Whoever is answering the meme questions is the only one who gets to see the questions. So if someone wants to know what their name was the answer to, they have to ask for the questions and are supposed to post the meme as well. ^^

Shall I send, then? It means you have to do it. ;P

Aw, question nine :3
We've done that before, eh? I need to get caught up with you sometime ohnoes.

...I don't ever remember actually posting this before. Did I?

...i hate you for making me curious. *itches at self*

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