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Septembers suck
Apparently September is shitty month for my family.  Two years ago, Anthony died.

Now my great uncle, Leo, too.  Funtimes.  /sarcasm.

Funeral is Saturday morning; I'll be leaving Friday night.

I'd actually planned to go out to the farm to visit Leo this summer, and then between work and my summer class and more work and not having a car in July/August, I just never got to.  Damnit.  And this just makes me think more about my grandma that I lived with this summer - this is her brother.

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Of course, there's nothing I can really say that'll make you feel any better, especially since I can't properly empathize, without having lost someone myself.

I'll try though. I'm sorry. My condolences to you and your family. I hope your grandma will be okay.

It's okay, I know it's awkward as hell trying to figur eout what to say when someone's family member has died.

Thanks. <3

*Hugs* >: I'd say something profound and comforting, except I suck at coming up with those.

That's okay, because I do, too. *hugs back* Thanks.

Uh, that anon was me. I got logged out randomly? ^^;;

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