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(no subject)
Hinata STFU
Dear douchebags having a giant noisy party below me on a week night,


That is all.

No love,


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Could you pass this message to the flotist on the third floor of my building who loves to play pretty little irish melodies?

At 11 pm?
And 1 am?
And 2 am?

...At least that won't make your floor shake with the bass?

If you're in res, haven't you got an RA or someone who could go after this person?

Not in rez- I live off campus.

For the longest time, he only ever played at night- and my roommate hadn't ever heard him (she sleeps with earplugs in?)... she thought I was crazy when I was complaining about the stupid ghosts and their stupid Irish parties :<

At least he really is a decent flotist. I like to hear him when I'm not trying to sleep :/

Oh, you must mean an apartment then?

You could try earplugs? Or, uh, talk to him about it? (Assuming he isn't scary and evil.)

Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with that, since that kind of music wouldn't bother me when trying to sleep. ^^;; *slept through the fire alarm going off in the apartment hallway next to her room*

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