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The adventures of Caitlin at oh-dark-forty five on November 1st...
Hinata STFU
All right, assholes, listen up.

I was, initially, not rude.  Perhaps not über polite, but it WAS quarter to four, and at least one of you two was drunk off his ass.  I said you couldn't prop the Marg exits doors open, and I said you couldn't smoke right there and that you had to be four metres away as per provincial smoking regulations, and then I closed the inside Marg door and left you alone.

Then decided better of it, considering the nasty look y'all gave me the first time, and found you still holding the outside Marg door open, and the drunk[er] one of you smoking half inside the building.  Unacceptable socially nowadays, against university policy, and illegal.  So I kicked the shoe y'all had left inside through the door outside, along with the shoe you had left by the door you were still holding, and told you four metres for smoking, now, end of story.  Oh, and the exterior door had to be closed and you weren't allowed to go back inside through that door (which no one is).

Drunk!you moved, eventually and with much bitching and whinging.  Belligerent!you, well, first you wouldn't let me close the exterior Marg door, and continued to block it with your foot.  You said you were going back inside through that door, no matter what I said.  When I told you that you would not be able to get through the inside door because it locks from that side, you said you'd stand there until someone came out it.

I said no you wouldn't, and then you got up in my face and tried to bully and intimidate me into letting you keep that door open by using, among other things, a facial expression I think was supposed to scare me, your greater height and weight, and perhaps even your gender.  You certainly had the "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, woman" tone down, that's for sure.

Unacceptable, and not going to work.  I don't take that shit from anyone, least of all from some jerk who needs to, I don't even know, reaffirm his macho-ness by pushing me around or something.  So I said that I damn well was going to close that door, and you eventually backed off when you realised that I wasn't going to bow to your whims.

So I trotted back inside and called Security, because figured you'd probably give me more trouble, and then darted around to the Marg exit inside door just in time to find your host - who did not clear y'all's stay with her RA or obtain the required guest passes for either of you schmoes - trying to let you in that door I just told you you weren't allowed to use.  Which she, being a resident, should know she's not allowed to do.  'Specially since she, y'know, signs a contract to that effect at the beginning of the year.

Not my fault you didn't read all the rules, girl.  Maybe now you'll actually bother.

So Security came along and backed me up because I'm not stupid and knew it could only help, and I wrote you assholes guest passes for ONE NIGHT and you damn well better be leaving today, and I wrote it all down in the log book.

Because I don't take that kind of macho, "I am manly and tough, fear me" bullshit, not from anyone, so you can just suck it up and follow the rules and the goddamn laws next time.

And that was only the last fifteen minutes of my shift.  I'm not even going to get into the other seven hours and forty five minutes at this point.

...I was NOT in a mood to be fucked with last night.  As you can probably see.

And so many people think I'm nice and fluffy and happy all the time.



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Damn, I'm scared now. XD.

It's a good thing they backed off to, because I know there would have been trouble for them.

You don't need to be scared, you aren't trying to fuck with me. ;)

Only if I'd had to. If it had gone much further I would have had Security kick them off campus, nuts to where they were supposed to be staying.

Still though. Your aura is intimidating! lol.

Yep. I commend your assertiveness!

I imagine I'd be much less intimidating in person, what with being wee and short. XDD


With how strong you were in the face of that asshole drunk, any size would be intimidating.

How tall are you?

Uh... thnaks? I guess that's what I say to that? XD

Five foot four, since you're American. ;)

lol. Just complimenting on assertiveness again.

Thanks, us Americans can't seem to grasp the metric system yet. XD.

You're only an inch shorter than me!


Haha, I remembered. ;)

Well, when your dad is six foot one and your kid brother is six foot two... five foot four seems really short. XDDDD

Technically yes, but I have so much to write for papers that I'll probably get, like, 5K by the end of the month. Because I have a paper due Friday, one due Nov 20th, another Nov 26th, another Dec 5th, and then another one that I can't remember when it's due.

Edited at 2008-11-01 02:30 pm (UTC)

Oh darn, good luck, then.

How's the other one from last year?

Oh god, I need it. ^^;;



...Uh, I haven't touched it since, like, December of last year?

I hope the girl got in trouble for letting in trouble.

Jesus. Some people.

Well, I got after her, but nothing further will happen (if anything does) until onday, when my boss is around again.

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