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(no subject)
Meant to post this yesterday when I got back from the service, but I got distracted. This video got passed around my res by one of the RAs in an e-mail last year (if I'm remembering correctly) and I've had it on my computer ever since.

I know people like the guy in this video and that makes me sad. :(

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You mean the asshole who wouldn't stay put for two minutes. That is sad.

I mean, I wouldn't say I'm a huge observer of the day, but two minutes isn't a lot two ask for.

Yeah, that guy. Even mor edepressing is that Terry Kelly wrote the song after seeing this same situation - a man with a young child who wouldn't even give two minutes.

Two minutes is not a lot to ask for, not at all.

It is a fantastic song too.

What a bad typo. XD.

I like it.

...What bad typo? *fails*

This one: but two minutes isn't a lot two ask for. My fault. XD.

Haha, I totally didn't notice that. My brain is so fried.

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