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Hinata STFU
So last week, one of my profs said that our final would be a take home exam, and it would have to be a minimum of ten pages.  We would get the question on December third and the essay would be due by noon on December tenth.

I was not impressed.  At all.

Tonight he changed it.  Now it's three essays, each a minimum of four pages in length.  Assigned December third, and STILL due December tenth, even though we suddenly have more to write.

Still not impressed.  Impressed even less, actually.

Fuck you, Pretentious.

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Go find your ombudsman and bitch about this. The professor shouldn't be able to change from the syllabus, especiall not so late in the term.

We don't have an ombudsman. And the exam wasn't on the syllabus at al - there was pretty much no info on the syllabua about anything, let alone the exam. He just changed this week what he'd said last week.

Still an asshole move, IMO.

Yeah, it absolutely doesn't seem right that he would change something like this so suddenl :/

Talk to the department head?

(What's an ombudsman?)

I plan to, though I don't know how much good it will do.

(Someone who tries to resolve complaints and stuff between two groups like students and the university, or employees and their employer. We haven't got one, though I think we should.)

Good luck.

(So, fancy term for a mediator. Got it. There's gotta be someone at X who does stuff like this, though.)


(I dunno - if there is, I haven't managed to find her/him yet, and I tried last year.)

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