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So, I'm thinking about Christmas, and I'm actually going to send Christmas letters/cards this year.

Yes.  I'm sending Christmas correspondence.  Me.  I always swore I never would, but... well, I want to!  So I will!

If you want me to send you something, leave your mailing address in the comments!  Comments are screened, so no worries about other folks seeing you address!  :D


EDIT: I should probably warn you guys that they might be, uh, late, since the deadline CanadaPost gives is coming up soon and I haven't actually BOUGHT any cards or anything to send yet... ^^;;

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(Screened comment)
Whee, adress!! But you're far, so it'll probably be late. sorry. ^^;

(Screened comment)
Of COURSE you're gonna make me spend money. U dirty h0r.

(Screened comment)
Certainly, if you wish! Do I need to post my address again, or would you rather look under my "contact info" tag?

(Screened comment)
Because I always saw my mother going nuts over her giantimongous Christmas card list and swore I would never get that stressed or obsessed about something so vanilla, and the easiest way not to was to just not send cards at all, haha. XDDD

Hey, I'm just doing cards and shiz this year, so no need to get me anything.

(Screened comment)
If you want to, then feel free, but it is by no means a requirement. <3

(Screened comment)
No insult was intended. ^^;;

Do I need to repost my address, or can you find where I posted it earlier this year?

(Screened comment)
Yeah, a little bit.

Campus PO Box 1154
Antigonish, NS
B2G 2W5

(Screened comment)
You better leave it here anyway - I'm not sure where I have it. ^^;;

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