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LOTR class
This semester I'm in a class about Lord of the Rings.  Yes, in university, and yes, it's already awesome.

Anyways, I'm recording the lectures for a few friends already so I figured I'd see if anyone on my LJ would be interested in them?  If people are, I can post the links to download the sound files here.


Also, on the subject of Christmas cards, well, I kinda failed.  I had exams and I planned to do it afte rthey finished, but then Joy died and I just forgot with everything that was going on.  I'm sorry.

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Ooh. A Lit class, right? How is it so far?

Yep, an English class. And so far, though I've only had one class of it (Tuesday, my next is in a little under an hour) it was good. I am sure it will be freaking AWESOME.

Edited at 2009-01-08 05:22 pm (UTC)

What have you discussed so far?

The course outline, marking/attendance-type stuff, that sort of thing, and then how one goes about studying LOTR in a university setting and what some of the problems are. It was the intro class, being the first one and all, so we didn't get to talk about much.

How does one go about studying LOTR in a university setting?

Well, you actually look at it like any other serious piece of literature - it's just that it's only recently that academia started considering it 'worthy' to be studied as serious literature. Because it's fantasy, for a long time academia didn't consider it serious or worthy of study.

Is there an entire semester's worth analysis? You've read the books?

There is absolutely an entire semester's worth of analysis in those books. I think one could expand the class to be a full-year class without even having to add much, if any, additional material to read.

And I have read the books, yes; multiple times through, even.

Link to the audio? Definitely. I LOVE Lord of the Rings.

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