caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

Uh, hey guys, it's been a while.

...Over two months, I know.  Bad Caitlin, no biscuit.  Please don't hurt me?

Scruffy hair was really, really scruffy until I got it cut.  Slightly different than when I cut it last summer.  And yes, that was the last time I cut my hair.  It was such a mop.

LOTR class is win and awesome.  And yeah, I know I don't have the lectures posted, but I will.  And I will have written notes for the days I missed (more than I wanted to because I've been having these weird, killer headaches that make Caitlin a very not happy camper, but they seem to be gone now).

Other classes aren't bad, but I'm bollocksing Spanish up.  Mrrr.  Too much L2 interference.  Ugh.

Actually joined an LJ RP, which sounds funny since I haven't been posting here, but the activity requirement is very small - twenty comments/posts for a two-month period.  Which I filled with only my intro post, so it's okay that I don't have much time for it.  And it's FUN!  (Is dramadramaduck  in case you're wondering.)

EDIT: Oh! And I met Denise's totally awesome fiancée! She's crazy awesome! Did I mention she's awesome? Awesome.

Have not written more than random, couple hundred word-long bits and pieces of unrelated fics since... uh, I can't remember.  Sad.  : (  I miss having time for writing fic.

I signed up for Round 007 of blind_go  anyway.  I think I'm just a sucker for punishment, especially since the minimum word requirement is 3500, and fics are due May fourth.  I finished exams April 17th and start my spring classes April 27th.  *headdesks*

Haven't played any video games since Christmas break, and even then I didn't play much.

Am taking two classes in spring session, History: Victorian Britain and Sociology: Irish Society for a total of six credits.  Which is the max numbers of credits one is allowed to take during spring session.  Actually pretty excited!  Nothing for me to take in the summer session, though, unless I feel like taking three creds on Shakespeare's tragedies over a two month period via distance with Marquis.  Which I don't, as he's the primary reason I ended up dropping the full-year Shakespeare course.  :/

Need a job for the summer break, especially as I am staying in Antigonish.  I'm taking spring classes, and I'm sick of living at home and sick of my mother treating me like I'm incompetant or that it is ANY of her business how many hours I work, how my classes are going, when I'm going to graduate (later than she wants), or how much I owe on my credit card.  I make my payments on our co-signed student LOC on time, so that's ALL the business she has with my financial situation.  My mother needs to learn to mind her own sodding business.  Thank god Dad can.

(Speaking of my dad, he was in Vegas for a Kodak conference and when I asked him what Vegas was like he used "strange" about eight times in two minutes.  Also, "noisy".  Oh, Dad; you are not so articulate when you're brainfried and jetlagged. <3 )

At work right now, and at the end of this shift I will have worked 35 hours since five to twelve on Sunday night, along with going to class, having a job interview, making time to eat, showering, studying, doing class readings (some of which were fun LOTR class readings, some of which were not), not sleeping (damn insomnia)....  *dead tired*

That's all I can think of right now, really.

I promise I'll try and update more.  I swear.  I missed you guys.  <3<3<3<3
Tags: busybusybusy, ew sick, family, friends, hair, hikago, lolme, lotr class, roleplaying, university, work, writing

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