caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,


Since eight thirty this morning I've had two icky dreams that have left me feeling completely freaked.

The first one is kinda fuzzy, but involved lots of family and friends dying and I couldn't be there for any of them.

The second was mostly me getting attacked by people on campus I don't know by them throwing cans of pop and rocks and stuff at me, and then a group of people running trampled me.  And everyone else just kind astood back and watched it happen of pushed me back into the crowd to get stepped on more.

I dunno if I wanna go back to sleep right now.  : /

ETA: at this point, these have been joined by a third one about an entirely inaccurate, yet still terrifying, Jenny Greenteeth with red eyes.  Yeah.  Not going back to sleep until late tonight, methinks, no matter how tired I get.
Tags: dreams

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