caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

Woo! New layout

So, new layout and journal title today.  OMG I used song lyrics! 

But I really like them and couldn't come up with anything of my own that said how I'm feeling right now as well as those two lines.  So that's okay!

Had the first Karate Society meeting tonight, and I'm going to drive down to the club in New Glasgow (the next town over, about a 45 minute drive) on Thursday night with some people from campus who were at the meeting.  I 'm stoked - I've wanted to get back in since Sensei Reeves stopped having classes on campus because of some sort of something that I think had to do with Sensei Donovan retiring.  Either way, I've missed it and am really awesomely excited.

Even if we do have to squash possibley six of us into an old Honda Civic.  Which should be interesting.  XDD

Oh my god, I've been an orange belt since spring 2003.  SIX YEARS RIGHT AROUND NOW ACTUALLY.

Sadly, no one remaining in the Nish over the summer has a car I can borrow to get to NG and back to keep practicing over the summer.  BOO.  I SHALL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER.  I'll survive though.

I am so beyond excited. :D
Tags: everybody was kung f- karate fighting

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