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(no subject)
Icon vaguely related - it's my only icon containing a car.  XDD

So I've been pondering getting a car lately.  Nothing expensive, mind, more like a $600 clunker kind of car.  Of course, my mother will freak out at the idea because she thinks I can't take care of myself or that I have any idea about how to budget or what it will cost, but that's the great thing about being out and on my own and over 18 and no longer dependant: it doesn't matter what she wants.

Dad will be less insane about it, I think; he'll probably ask me how much I know about the costs of insurance and registration/plates and inspections and stuff, but if I can answer those satisfactorily then he'll probably resign himself to the fact that I'm going to do it whether he's okay with it or not.  Following this decision, he'll likely give me whatever help he can with making sure that what I'm paying for won't fall apart halfway out of the lot.  My dad is awesome like that.

Didn't get to karate tonight - had to go to the hospital with a friend (but things are fine) and thus didn't get much accomplished this afternoon, though I told Mike via e-mail earlier that I didn't think I'd be able to go anyway.  I didn't get hardly any sleep last night, and going to karate means I can't get a nap in and dead tiredness when I should be alert because I'm at work.  XDD

Last day of classes on Wednesday!!  Well, until I start my intersession classes on April 27th.  But whatever.  ^^  I'm kinda excited for my intersession classes, so woo!

Still need a summer job, though I've probably secured a way to make extra money during the exam period before I'm officially jobless.

Found a couple CDs I'd bought during my reading week back at the end of February, during which Kelsey and I drove up to Halifax for a day trip.  They're The Sounds of Nova Scotia volumes one and two, and when I was little we had the cassette tapes.  We've still got them somewhere, but when you play them they sound kind of funny because they got played so much when I was a kid.  They were the two most listened to tapes in our entire collection - they're like every trip I ever took to visit my grandma or my aunts and uncles and cousins when I was young.

I had tried finding the music to download at one point, but I only ever found about four of the twenty-three songs (total from both albums).  So then I saw them at HMV and couldn't NOT buy them.  I missed these songs a lot more then I realised until I listened to the albums again - it's the music I grew up with and it kind of feels like part of me, if that makes any sense at all.  XDD

A bunch of the songs are also giving me Proverse bunnies (Sam being from Cape Breton and all), but I don't have time to write them right now.  Sad.  :(

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The problem with a clunker is that they really are clunkers, and sometimes end up costing more than their worth. Are good at repairing cars or do you have a mechanic handy? Either way, good luck with it.

What classes are you taking?

Well, if I decide to go for it, I'll get a clunker from a reliable spot, which will cut down on the chances of having to fork over more than the car is worth for its upkeep. ^^

I'm taking Hist: Victorian Britain in May and Soc: Irish Society in June. :D

Always a good idea.

Irish society class sounds deliciously fun.

I think so. :)

It does, I'm excited.

Wanna work at the call centre? They're hiring right now! You can fix Macs and read the internets on the job!

Let me know if you wanna put in an application, though, so I can fill out a referral form. They're pretty flexible about school, too, once you're on the floor. Training less so, unfortunately.

Well, it'd be better than CIGNA again if I were in PC.

When does training run, and how long? Because my May class goes from six to nine three days a week, and obviously I can't miss it.

Umm, how do you spell your last name? xD

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