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Going up to Halifax this weekend to look at cars, woohoo!!  The second portion of my student loan is coming in soon (yes, AFTER the main two semesters are done; I'm not going to get into it, haha) so I can afford to go this weekend - if I find one I can put it on my credit card, and then pretty much entirely pay it off before I get any interest on the higher balance.

Sadly, there aren't many options - the cap of my budget is around $2200 because I'll have to make my insurance down payment and register the car and stuff.  I looked on the AutoTrader site (country-wide site for used vehicles and stuff) and got these results - some of them are in the wrong spot, but any within my budget in Halifax, Dartmouth, Eastern Passage, and Upper/Middle/Lower Sackville are ones I can think about, and maybe also Truro.

That green '96 Jetta for $1495 was looking really good (I've wanted a Jetta for years, haha), but when I called to ask a couple questions about it the guy said it was sold - but it's still listed, so I'm hoping (probaby futiley) that he was mistaken.  XDD  Now there's another one of the same year and colour listed too, but it's nearly 3k, and unless I get a lot more money selling back textbooks than I expect, it's definitely too expensive.  Sigh.  Also, it's diesel, which requires more maintenance and is currently more expensive than gas.  You can run them on cooking oil in the summer according to beautydreaming , but I'd have to do some of my own research into if it increases maintenance costs and stuff before I went in for that.  Though there's no duty on cooking oil like I think there is on diesel so it, uh, may be illegal?  XD

Oh well, I'll figure things out.  XD

I may get to see fantasyecho  on Saturday while I'm in the city, but if I don't I'll probably hang around long enough when I go back up to pick up my car (I can't drive it home Saturday if I get one because my insurance broker isn't open Saturday, so I can't start my insurance, and driving without insurance is bad and illegal, haha) to pick her up from work and show it off.  XD

Whatever I get, I promise to post pictures and details, assuming anyone wants to hear.  Read.  Whatever.  XD

Had my first exam on Tuesday, Earth Science.  It went all right.  Not wonderfully, but good enough.  I have Spanish in ... six hours at nine AM, and my Tolkien exam tomorrow (Friday) and nine AM.  My take-home for my Mysticism class is due by the end of the day today (Thursday), too, but it's only 750 words, so it shouldn't take me long.

I actually have an idea for blind_go  now, even though it's totally random and I have no idea if I can make it work.  I'll start working on it after this week when things settle down, but won't be sharing anything here or on inkntendinitis  until the guessing is done, in case anyone checks my LJ for hints, haha.  XDD

she_universe  and I have big ambitious plans for getting lots of proverse  work done this summer.  We'll see how that goes.  XDD

Talked to Lloyd at the 5c to $1 on Tuesday - I worked there first year, and since I'm going to be around for the summer, I thought I'd ask if he would have any work for me.  He thought he might have 15 to 25 hours a week for me since Danielle (their main part-timer) left, but he's not sure right now because things are kind of eight kinds of insane.  He figured next week he'd be able to let me know more solidly.  Woo, job!

I get to go to beautydreaming 's convocation because she has an extra ticket, so I'm really excited about that, and she has, unsurprisingly, asked me to help her pack her stuff into her dad's car for the drive back to Ontario.  Ever since I fit her entire dorm room/life (except the two suitcases she was taking back to Ontario with her) into my parents' Hyundai Accent in her first year, I have been known as the resident packing queen.  Even if I can't get my own shit UNpacked.  XDD

Also, here's the song I'm currently listening to: Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know

Blarg, should go back to studying now.  Boooooooo.

Ah well.  Cheers, all!!

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Diesel is also way more efficient that gasoline, it ranks just under hybrids. Whatever the price, you'd still save more money. Can't comment on maintenance costs though. VWs have a bad reputation for falling apart and breaking down constantly, they're heavy on the repairs. If there are any Sunfires or Cavaliers from that period, I would recommend those. There are tons on the roads still today, they seem determined to outlive their drivers. I drive one, it's been faithful to me. 10 years and not a single breakdown.

A friend of mine has a Jetta from... oh god, I think it's 88? And all her repairs have been from normal, wear-and-tear type stuff. Either way, it's apparently been sold. Sad. :(

There are some Sunfires there I want to look at - 98, 99 (sadly both in an icky gold-ish colour :P), and... a blue one I can't remember the year of. There's also a Tercel I'm going to look at - some family friends have two 94-ish ones that run perfectly well, so those seem pretty good, too.

My family has had good experiene with Mazdas, too, but the only ones I saw were 626, and those are kinda big - bigger than anything I've regularly driven, and bigger than I'd prefer.

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