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New journal
So I've got a journal on DreamWidth now, too. I'm not abandoning LJ or anything, so I'm basically going to be crossposting to the two of them, but it's a good backup and stuff. I'm [info] - personalcaitlin_chan  on DW and LJ, because that keeps things nice and easy. :D

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What's that like?

How did you transfer all of it there?

Sp far it's good - the original LJ team started it up, so it's essentially a smaller LJ without the owner drama.

There's a function to import all your old entries and stuff from LJ. So, uh, I put in my LJ name and password, clicked some ticky boxes, and there it went!

Cool. What's different about it?

So what's happening with the LJ team?

Fewer layouts? Uhm... other than cosmetic-type stuff, not much. Like, It functions pretty much identically to LJ, really.

The current LJ team? Nothing that I know about right now, but there's certainly been lots of drama in the past couple years.

Sorry for all the questions... just two more.

Why the new journal?

Unrelated: What do you think of the current Naruto arc? I hear mixed opinions, with a tendency towards the negative.

Eh, a back up, and some of my friends seem to be moving there. I can post to LJ from DW (there's a crosspost function), so it isn't like I'll have to write twice the entries.

Anime or manga? Because I haven't watched the anime in months and months and months, and I'm a month or two behind on the manga. So I dunno which arc you're talking about? XDD

Oh okay. I meant the manga, but it's a good thing I didn't mention anything specific.

Seeing as I don't care about spoilers, it really wouldn't have mattered. XDD I'll let you know when I've caught up on the manga, though, and then we can discuss it, yeah? :D

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