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*"The Ring" voice* Seven days . . .

Seven days until I move! YES! I am so damned excited, it's ridiculous. Also! Only three shifts left at work. I am so glad to be finishing this job, I probably won't even get annoyed when I get asked a million questions by the newbies during my last three days. (And they have a lot of questions, some of which all too often shouldn't have been asked because they should have done the work themselves.)

I'm finishing one job, and moving almost directly into another. My early-bird job hunt in Antigonish paid off - I already have a job waiting for me at the Antigonish Five to a Dollar store. At least, I assume I'm hired because Lloyd told me to come back when I had my class schedule and we'd "figure something out".

Even better - I'm now moving in with beautydreaming in Gilmora 301, as long as the residence folks okay it. I'm going to give them a call from work tomorrow so I can make sure they have done/are doing it, or to find out if I'm not allowed for some reason.

I don't get to register for my classes until 1500 on the sixth, which is a pain because it reduces the chances of me getting into the classes/sections I want, but there isn't really anything I can do about it. Unfortunately. Blah.

I did some packing today - packed up my towels, bed linens, dishes, cooking implements, utensils, food, and a few books and stuff. Mostly beautydreaming's books, because the bag they were in was splitting, but also my massive Collins-Robert and my thesaurus. Hopefully, I won't need my thesaurus before next week - with luck I'll be able to make do with or somesuch. *loves her thesaurus* I need a few more boxes, then I'm going to pack up my PS2 and a few games; I'm packing them in clothes so it won't matter if the boxes get bounced around.

Picked up my fridge last week from Wal-Mart, and had a rather handsome young man put it in the car for me. As Mum said, "If they drop it, they pay - but if you drop it, you pay." Indeed.

It's been oddly cool lately; autumn is moving in early this year - we often get summer temperatures until half way through September. Oh well, at least we probably won't half-dead of heat on moving day. We're already going to be half-asleep, because we have to pick our new exchange student, Geon Hamm from South Korea, at 0145 on September third, moving day. Dad and I will be dead from tired. XD

Off to work on another Sandsib plotbunny now. Tomorrow is Temari's birthday - yay for August babies. XD Toodles!
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