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Srs post is srs

Look, it's only been a little over a week! And I'm posting again! :)

Saw the new Disney 3D A Christmas Carol last night with guitarpulsation. I was pretty impressed, actually, because while they added some amusing bits, they actually stayed true to the original story. Including all the dark stuff and the lines like "If they are going to die, then they had better do it then, and decrease the surplus population!" So I went in expecting a very Disney-fied version of the story, the way A Little Mermaid got Disney-fied and fluffed up, and got a completely no-Disney-fied version. So I was very happy with that. :D

I was less happy at one point during the previews - this particular preview started, looking somewhat grim and sci-fi, with a man in a wheelchair rolling onto the screen. The preview follows him in such a way that it's clear that he's the main character, and I'm sitting there going "OMG a movie with a main character in a wheelchair! YAY!"

...Then he transfers his mind/soul/consciousness into the body of an alien/genetic experiment/something or other. And then he's (obviously) not in a wheelchair any more. And I was sad. D: Ohai ableism. ;-;

ALSO! Tomorrow is Transgender Day of Remembrance! So, you know, think about it and what it means. It's important to remember this, and think about WHY it happens. I wish we didn't NEED a day like TDOR, but until the prejudices disappear (lol never sadly) it is something needed.
Tags: ableism, flaming dykes destroy families, movies

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